Gigabyte GO-W1623A crossflash to LiteON SHW-1635S



is it possible to crossflash Gigabyte GO-W1623A to LiteON SHW-1635S?
i read that GO-W1623A is a rebadged LiteOn 1635S
my GO-W1623A has Y8S6 firmware version and i simply can’t crossflash it with latest LiteOn SHW-1635S fw (the “YS0Z” fw doesn’t recognize the drive)…
any advice? i would appreciate it…


acc to info stated here Gigabyte GO-W1623A is a Lite-On SHW-1635S rebadge. for crossflashing you should use patched firmware, you can get the latest one, YS0Z - stock, from here. after that you can flash to any 1635S firmware.


DJouneyt…i’m awfully grateful.
thanks to you and the guys from the codeguys, my LiteOn drive lost the “Gigabyte cloaking device”…
keep up the good work!


yw [B]akon32[/B], nice to hear that everything is ok. I forgot to say that crossflashing avoids your warranty, but I think you know that :p. don’t know which firmware did you flash but if it’s FBD or EOS will be pleasure to see your scans at LiteOn 1635S/16H5S Fast Burn Firmware or LiteOn 5S and 6S - 16x OverSpeed - Read speed unlock threads.


my new firmware is 16xOverspeed-read speed unlock.
the drive works perfect. the 16x scan of a Verbatim DVD+R looks very good indeed.
thanks again.