Gigabyte GO-W1616A



Is there any info or review of this recorder?




It’s a Liteon 1673S, which is very similar to the 1653S, so this excellent [thread=123733]1653S review by OC-Freak[/thread] will tell you most everything that you need to know. :wink:

Edit: Also see this Sony 720A review, which is a 1673S


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I just wanna know if the firmwares from Lite-On 1653 can be applied to this recorder … and how?
Thanks in advance!


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No you cannot use the 1653S firmware. It will not work. You can however use the 1673S or 1693S firmware. Follow the link in my signature for the firmware.

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Thanks! I’ve changed the original firmware with latest 1673S firmware.