Gigabyte Go-W0808A

Since hardly anyone has mentioned anything about this drive, i’ll chip in with a few comments.
I bought a GO-W0808A a couple of weeks ago and so far haven’t had any problems with it whatsoever. After owning a BTC 1004IM several months ago and having endless problems with it, i’ve regained some of my faith in DVD Writers.

Installation as Master on secondary IDE was painless and was detected and up and running with no problems. Gigabytes website has no listed firmwares as yet, so i’m using the one shipped with the drive.

As far as types of DVD media used so far, i’ve tried:

Imation 4X DVD+R
Mitsubishsi 4X DVD-R
Princo 4X DVD-R
Melody 2.4X DVD+RW

All of the discs have burnt fine with no problems reading back any of the discs and even my old settop DVD player, that states cannot play DVD-R, +RW and -RW, plays DVD movies that are burnt to the Princo -R discs.
The Melody +RW discs, however, have never worked well in the older DVD player.

I’m happy to see that you’re enjoying your drive. :slight_smile:

The GO-W0808A is a rebadged LiteOn 812S drive. :slight_smile: I assume that your firmware revision is USY1?

If you want to get more out of your drive, check out the tools available in the LiteOn forum, and you might even want to try loading the newer US0N firmware (about 2 months newer than USY1) onto your drive.

Have fun. :slight_smile:

I tried a Verbatim DVD-RW 2x and i started getting Illegal Disc messages during the lead-in. It then happened when i tried writing the Princo. I upgraded to Nero and the disc worked, but it failed with invalid operation during the lead-out, but the disc still worked in my set top dvd player.
The Princo disc worked ok but it took longer to write the lead-out. Maybe something changed in Nero?

I’m using firmware USY1, which i’ve read is a Sony Firmware??

That’s funny that your Princo (the worst of the worst) did better than your Verbatim. Dunno what to suggest regarding that…

Anyway, as for your second question…
UYS1 == Sony U18A
USY1 == Gigabyte
US0_ == Real LiteOn

The Princo discs, so far, have been great. One of the cheapest i can get over here too. The media code is Princo.
I haven’t tried an 8x disc as there aren’t many available over here and they’re not that cheap.
The Verbatim media code is listed on Gigabytes website for the 0808A as having passed their tests. I guess i should try some more -RWs to see if thats the problem or not.
I have a Cyberdrive DVD Combo in my other machine which reads the discs ok but it has a strange problem where it can’t re-read the disc after its been in the drive for more than a few minutes. I think this has happened more with the Mitsubishi -R discs too.
Any ideas if there will be any more official Giagbyte firmwares soon?

Ok I am confused here. I’m also looking at this burner and thought it was based on the Lite-On 832S.
Over here it even says it’s dual layer burner ?
I’m sure it’s not Dual layer though.

Should I rather wait for Lite-On 832S. No ETA on them though where I stay. And Sony 700A is very expensive here.

There’s a rumor that Gigabyte might do an official DL firmware upgrade. Just a rumor. Probably won’t ever materialize. But that’s all moot, since the unofficial “upgrade” patch is fairly painless. :wink:


I’m setting up a new computer for my friend. Part of the package is the Gigabyte Go-W0808A burner. I ran some test backing up a few DVD. I’m fairly happy with the ripping speed. The first 2 discs burn fine. Last night I try burning again and it failed twice in a row making 2 coaster.

I was using Nero Express DVD Info reported that this drive support burn-proof but Nero did not show any message about activating burn-proof. What happen is that Nero “time remain” count down is zero while the “percentage of completion” is about 85% and the “total time” just goes on for another 5 mins before Nero throw an error “writing lead-out” failed. The software seems to be playing catch up to the burner. There’s also alot of disk activies. System page file is set as 300-700Mb with 256Mb RAM.

The discs I’m using is a batch of 4x 50/spindle Ritek OEM DVD-R. I’ve burned the whole spindle without any faulty disc on my NEC 2500A.

I’m hoping someone can help me.


I’ve had a few errors every now and then with Nero and, but i’m not sure its program-related or not though. What does your log show?
I’ve noticed that with this drive the DVD+R and DVD-R discs i’ve used have quite good results after being scanned through the quality test under Nero CD-DVD speed.
However, the Melody discs which i brought last year haven’t been very good at all.

Would being formatted using a dvd writer have an impact on their writing performance on another dvd writer?

Also, the reading speed of both burnt cd’s and dvd’s are pretty poor. It takes it 14 minutes to copy a mitsubishi 700 mb cd to the hard drive.

Its quite funny to see how the most people thinking “oh i have a problem, blame the drive!” :wink:

I own a BTC 1004 IM and it is on the same level like btc drives the results were not on one DVD worse.

OK the Drive is picky but use good media thats the half bill.

I’m finding now that my standalone player can read a lot of DVD media i burn movies on to whereas it could only read DVD+R burnt by the BTC. The manual of the player says it can’t read DVD-R, DVD+RW and DVD-RW.
I just assumed my player couldn’t read re-writeable discs, but now it can. The only thing different is the writer, since the media is the same.

Sorry virtue27, I’ve scan this thread so many times but I missed your post.

Which log are your referring to? What’s your system setup? (I know that I’m running SP1 but it might not be SP1a which might makes a different.)

I’ve just burned another disk last night and the same thing happens. Although this time the burning completed but the result is very poor when play on dvd player. It’s just that I’ve never had any coaster with my NEC 2500A so I find it unacceptable to get so many fail burning.



I’ve flashed my GO-W0808A to US0Q, but the flash has caused the device to be called the Liteon DVDRW SOHW-812S. Is there any way to keep the drive as being identified as a GO-W0808A?

Yes, but it would require editing of the firmware. Just keep the true LiteOn name unless you want to go editing the firmware with every firmware release.

BTW, have you considered using VS0A instead? :wink:

what is the right way to flash the rebadged LiteOn drive such as this Gigabyte? You just take the official firmware from liteon, or you have to ‘flashfix’ it?

I just bought a new comp and it came with the gigabute go-w0808a.
Everytime i try to burn something (i use nero) it burns it as an image.
I went to the choose recorder menu and it was set to image recorder but i couldn’t change it becoz it was the only thing on the list. Also, after i installed a game on my comp i went to load it but it told me i needed to enter the right disk. Thats impossisble coz the right disk was in the drive.