GIGABYTE GO-W0404A firmware update compatible with LITEON LDW 411S?

Hi everybody,

Is it true that the GIGABYTE DVD±R GO-W0404A is in reality a LITE-ON LDW 411s rebranded?
If this is true as I’ve heard, is it possible to flash the 411s with the new firmware of the GIGABYTE drive?
They’ve already released a new firmware for it, and it says : Update the compatibility for optical storage media
Take a look here:

Check the page with specifications of the GIGABYTE drive here:
It is the same hardware of the LITEON drive.

I think is better to wait for an ufficial upgrade from LITE-ON but… I’m just too corious if this will work.
Maybe some DVD-R maniacs out there is willing to try this firmware. If so tell me if it worked.
Thank you!

The firmware numbering as well as the flasher software have more similarity with the BTC DRW1004IM as with the LDW411S. Even the writing speeds fit.

Your drive is a BTC DRW 1004IM and NOT a Lite-ON even if the specs are very close, check BTC site for details.

Judging by the photo, it’s not a LiteOn

Yes you’re right, this drive is a BTC DRW 1004IM drive rebranded, thank you for the info, and sorry for the mistake! :slight_smile: