Gigabyte GO-B5232D firmware flash failure



I believe this drive is a rebadged lite-on, its a 5232 combo drive (standard IDE) so i hope ive put this in the right forum, I was carrying out a reflash using the gigabyte flasher, and my computer hung mid way through, (after an hour) and now the system will not boot with the drive inserted, any suggestion for how to reflash the drive.

Thanks in advance for any help offered

My Pc
(A64 3700+ Dfi Sli-dr expert, 1 gig ocz performance, pioneer dvr111D, 200gig seagate SATA)


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Your drive is an BTC oem. You probably need to flash via DOS.


The trouble is i dont have any firmware files suitable for flashing from dos nor do i know which dos flasher i should be using. Thanks for the advice though



have you tried BTC homepage or
Also you should check the BTC subforum.



Could a mod please move this thread to the btc sub-forum, in my searching ive only been able to find windows flash utilities and i need a bin file to flash from dos, since the machine will not boot with the drive in place, (doesnt clear POST)