Gigabyte GF440 512MB PCI-E 1.0 Support?

Hey All,

Can anyone tell me if the Gigabyte GeForce GT 440 830MHz 512MB PCI-E HDMI Turbo Cache (GV-N440TC-1GI) supports PCI Express 1.0 slot on the motherboard. The info I got is it supports 2.0 which doesn’t tell me if it only supports this version.This card is currently on if you need more info on the card.

In the main, PCI-E 1.x and 2.0 should be fully interoperable, other than some early 1.x implementations which did not adhere 100% to the standards

PCI express gaming slots are 100% backwards compatible. You can use that card in your PC.

Thanks ‘eric93se’ but from the way you worded your reply it sounds as though you misinterpreted my post. I knew that the PCI-Express slots on the motherboard are backward compatible I was referring to the game card interface which I could find no info on whether it supported PCI-Express x1.0, sorry if it was the way I worded my post that got you confused.

Thank You also ‘Matth’ I was not sure if all newer cards had to adhere to backward compatibility as some descriptions (for newer cards) simply say that the interface(s) supported is PCI-Express 2.0 and do not list 1.0 or 1.1 plus I could find no forums or other product descriptions for the card that said it supported previous PCI-Express slot versions - they all pretty much used the same description, probably from the nVidia.

Anyhow I have purchased the card although I have to wait due to Dabs needing to order from manufacturer, so we shall see. If I remember I will report back incase other people should need this information.

:)Thanks Very Much!

Remember to uninstall all old video drivers before installing the hardware. You can also use ‘driversweeper’ (its free) and clean all the old driver remnants with it.

have fun :slight_smile: