Gigabyte GA-MA770-DS3 (rev. 1.0) supports AM3 CPU



The reason for this thread is that Gigabyte are lying bastards, and I want all those who own this board to know that there is still hope and all is not lost as it may seem.

When Giga-Losers first released the GA-MA770-DS3 (rev. 1.0), the product page contained various specifications and stickers claiming the board to be AM3 ready. However since Giga-Scammers are liars, when the time came to hold up their end of the deal they quickly replaced the board with a new revision 2.0 and claimed that only rev 2.0 supported AM3 whilst removing all traces of AM3 support from the rev 1.0 product page. Several emails back and forth to Gigabyte support team only confirmed my worst nightmare, that Gigabyte support team is 100% idiots who know nothing. Luckily to confirm I wasn’t paranoid I did a search and found data to confirm that Gigabyte did indeed claim AM3 support on rev 1.0 of this board. Source. Gigabyte was quick to remove all the evidence from their servers.

I will just summarise their lies, with 1 of their replies to my many questions to them.

Question : Yea but I am saying you are liars. When you introduced this motherboard you advertised boldly that it will be supporting AM3 cpu then all of a sudden when the time comes you refuse to supply bios upgrades. This is unfair to customers. All you have to do is supply bios updates with the latest AGESA cpu code from AMD. This is the most dishonest business practice I ever saw from a company. How come ASUS does not lie to customers?

I know for a fact the platform supports AM3, you just need to make the BIOS with the latest AGESA code, because the boards with 790fx and SB600 chipsets amazingly have AM3 BIOS updates but you refuse to supply the same BIOS for the 770/SB600 chipset. All you keep doing is talking a load of rubbish and ripping off customers.

Just supply the BIOS update. We both know it’s possible else you would not have said it when you first made this board. Stop being liars.

Answer : Unfortunately it cannot be done with rev 1.0, the chipset was revised on rev 2.0 which is hardware related

Just to prove they are lying, there is no hardware related issue that prevents the AMD770/SB600 chipsets from supporting AM3 CPU. Many other competing boards have similar configuration and support AM3 CPU just fine. To fully understand that point you need to know that all AMD 7-series Northbridges are built on the same core design except the various models have different performance features disabled none of which relate to CPU compatibility. In fact why on Earth would AMD make a chipset to be incompatible with their own CPU to start with?

I finally decided to ignore Gigabyte and buy the Regor core AM3 Athlon II 245 cpu anyway. Here are some information and screen shots of the results. Irrelevant information was removed.

Everest Report

CPU Properties
CPU Type: DualCore AMD Athlon II X2 245

CPU Alias: Regor

CPU Stepping: DA-C2

Engineering Sample: No

CPUID CPU Name: AMD Athlonâ„¢ X2 245 Processor

CPUID Revision: 00100F62h

CPU VID: 1.3250 V

North Bridge VID: 1.1750 V

CPU Speed
CPU Clock: 803.6 MHz (original: 2900 MHz)

CPU Multiplier: 4x

CPU FSB: 200.9 MHz (original: 200 MHz)

HyperTransport Clock: 2009.1 MHz

North Bridge Clock: 2009.1 MHz

Memory Bus: 401.8 MHz

DRAM:FSB Ratio: 12:6

CPU Cache
L1 Code Cache: 64 KB per core

L1 Data Cache: 64 KB per core

L2 Cache: 1 MB per core (On-Die, ECC, Full-Speed)

Motherboard Properties
Motherboard ID: 01/05/2009-RD780-SB600-XXXXXXXXX-XX

Motherboard Name: Gigabyte GA-MA770-DS3 v1.0 (2 PCI, 4 PCI-E x1, 1 PCI-E x16, 4 DDR2 DIMM, Audio, Gigabit LAN, IEEE-1394)

Chipset Properties
Motherboard Chipset: AMD 770, AMD K10

BIOS Properties
System BIOS Date: 01/05/09

Award BIOS Type: Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG

Award BIOS Message: AMD 770 BIOS for GA-MA770-DS3 F7

DMI BIOS Version: F7


  1. Giga-Morons are indeed lying bastards afterall, the board can and is working with AM3 cpu even after they blatantly said it “cannot” be done.

  2. Windows detects the Regor core and Cool and Quiet power saving features are working since you can see the core voltage drops, the multiplier drops to 4x and the cpu is running at 800Mhz on idle. This is confirmed by CPU-Z and the Everest report.

  3. The only thing incapable of fully recognising the CPU is the BIOS because Gigabyte refuses to update it with the latest AGESA code. Luckily the BIOS version F7 has some AMD K10 architecture support and therefore it will work with all the new AM3 cpu’s based on the K10 architecture regardless to the core name or cpu stepping. The current AGESA v3.3.20 in BIOS F7 identifies the Regor core Athlon II 245 CPU as Phenom II, for all intents and purposes this is not a problem at all since the BIOS supports all the K10 architecture features needed to run the AM3 CPU. Once again it confirms what I was trying to explain to those incompetent fools at Gigabyte, that they just need to supply a simple BIOS update but they are sticking with their lies for now.

  4. Atleast when you buy from ASUS they never lie about what they promise. In fact this is the first time I ever saw a big manufacturer blatantly lie like this and get away with it, false advertisement is a crime not so?

  5. All Owners of Gigabyte GA-MA770-DS3 (rev. 1.0) motherboard can jump for joy knowing that the board supports AM3 CPU, despite the false claims of the manufacturer.

  6. After inspection of the VRM on the board I would not recommend using cpu with >95W TDP to maintain stability since this board appears to only have a 3+1 phase power design. I’m not saying it won’t work with >95W TDP cpu, just that ideally you would want to have atleast 4+1 phase power design for stability and longevity of the board. I believe less phases means more amperes will need to pass through each phase to supply a higher powered cpu at full loads which means more heat losses and stress onthe pcb traces and components.

My source of inspiration for going ahead with this experiment was this thread over at HEXUS community forums.
I hope Gigabyte lawyers don’t come after me for exposing them.


While you could be right, I think you could agree that they had other MB’s that were AM3 capable and did release a bios for those boards. While their answer was short, it is very possible that other parts of the MB don’t meet the standards to support the AM3 cpu properly, whether it be voltage regulation or current supply, or frequency regulation. Would you want your AM3 cpu to be 99.3% accurate at calculations? or even 99.98%. Try to find a forum that mods gigabyte bios and see if they are willing to try the v2 bios on the v1 board.


Anything short of 100% correct calculations would result in BSOD or other crashes. Nothing out of the ordinary has happened to suggest that. The fact remains that Gigabyte is guilty of false advertisement. They claimed AM3 support for this board so the reference design supports AM3 from the beginning else how could they make such a claim. Many other brands have this same reference design and simple BIOS update allowed AM3 support however those similar designed boards suggest nothing more than 95W TDP processor which is why I also suggested the same.

A modded v2 BIOS would not work here, the southbridge chip is different, the only other BIOS that could work if modified are their 790/SB600 boards, I will be on the lookout for bios modding forums but basically that isn’t 100% needed for operation as the present BIOS has support for the K10 architecture and windows can recognise and use those features. The only purpose for the bios update for this board would be to allow the bios itself to recognise the cpu name correctly instead of calling it Phenom II.

I have successfully run multiple H.264 encoding sessions to push the cpu to its limits and it worked out without any problems or crashing. No time for prime95 or any other synthetic stability testing, if something was meant to go wrong it would have done so by now. I believe Gigabyte’s main issue is that the board cannot handle 140W TDP cpu due to the 3+1 phase power design. Looking at every other board they have/had that claims AM3 support was made with atleast a 4+1 phase power design to support up to 140W TDP cpu. Not really an issue for most people as people should know better.

Anyway all I want to do is let people know the board works with AM3 cpu. I know alot of people were screwed over by Gigabyte here so I felt the need to provide some information to help them.


I just got done dealing with this issue, I bought an x4 965 (125w) because the deal was too good to pass up and I assumed that my board would support it with all the compatibility promises made when the am2+ platform was launched. unfortunately with the F7 bios one core was stuck at 1600mhz and the other three were at 800mhz no matter what I did. but after some quick googling I discovered the new F8F beta bios fully supports AM3 cpus even though it doesn’t mention it in the changes :clap: a quick flash and everything works as it should now :smiley:

short version: anyone with the GA-MA770-DS3 (rev. 1.0) and an AM3 cpu flash the F8F beta bios :iagree: although I did read that F8F can potentially FUBAR existing raid arrays so be ware of that :eek:


[QUOTE=jwill427;2484800]I just got done dealing with this issue, I bought an x4 965 (125w) because the deal was too good to pass up and I assumed that my board would support it with all the compatibility promises made when the am2+ platform was launched. unfortunately with the F7 bios one core was stuck at 1600mhz and the other three were at 800mhz no matter what I did. but after some quick googling I discovered the new F8F beta bios fully supports AM3 cpus even though it doesn’t mention it in the changes :clap: a quick flash and everything works as it should now :smiley:

short version: anyone with the GA-MA770-DS3 (rev. 1.0) and an AM3 cpu flash the F8F beta bios :iagree: although I did read that F8F can potentially FUBAR existing raid arrays so be ware of that :eek:[/QUOTE]

Yes the BIOS F8F contains AGESA Code v3.5.3.0 which is quite newer than even the other boards that “officially” have AM3 support. :smiley: Basically BIOS F8F is a major jump in CPU support, Giga-Losers will never mention it but screw them, as long as I know it I will post it everywhere for people to know the truth. Likewise now that you know the truth you must post it on all the forums you belong to. :iagree:

About the RAID issue, I don’t really know because I use mine in AHCI mode. However Windows 7 didn’t seem to give any problems with AHCI after the update so I can say that much.


Thank you Darkseid001 and jwill427 for clearing things up.

I’ve been searching high and low on the internet, been to different forums but couldn’t get a definite answer to whether or not Phenom II’s are supported and why Gigabyte removed the board from the AM3 ready list.

One of the main reasons for buying this board, way back then, was because of the AM3 readiness, so finding out it isn’t is a bitter pill to swallow.

I’m coming from a x2 5000BE and knew the board supported AM3, so I was going for the Phenom II 945 (95w), which was going to be my first 3 GHz cpu :stuck_out_tongue: and I wondered if I needed to flash to a newer firmware to get it working, you can imagine my surprise and disappointment when I looked at the cpu support list and saw that none of the AM3 cpu’s are supported.

But now with the new bios version and the agesa code v3.5.3.0 in it the Phenom II’s should be recognized and fully supported :iagree: eventhough Gigabyte makes no mention of this.

What I understand is that a 95 watt cpu shouldn’t be to hard to handle for the board and that I have to make sure the cooling of the system is in order, which it is, also I’m planning on replacing the northbridge stock cooling with a better one, so I guess I’m good to go, I’m going ahead with it, already ordered one, just need to swing by the local computer shop this week.

I think I’m going to be one of the first to try out the PII 945 on this board (rev 1.0), will let you know how it all turns out.


Glad I could help. I promised Giga-losers that I would propagate the truth on every forum I could think of because of their continuous lies about this board.

Want to hear a funny story, a few weeks ago they made a mistake and put back the AM3 ready graphic on the motherboard page so I decided to put my theory to the test. I quickly sent the page link to a friend to make sure I had a witness and that the AM3 sticker was really there. Next I contacted Giga-Losers tech support and told them that the AM3 ready sticker was put back on the motherboard page, lol, and within hours it was removed.

The sad thing is they kept telling me rubbish like I should believe the manufacturer and what they say, so I said to them yes I do believe the manufacturer has AM3 support clearly printed on the box for the motherboard so why don’t you guys believe yourselves? Months of back and forth correspondence and they stuck with their lies to the very end. Believe me I would have kept pestering them for years until they released the bios update. Luckily they released F8f and the bastards didn’t put anything about cpu support on the list of changes so I decided to hex the BIOS file and look for the AGESA code version myself.

About your heating issue, remember the TDP rating is just the maximum energy the cpu could dissipate, not the power usage. In reality the cpu will be idle most of the time using much less power. I don’t think the northbridge cooler needs changing, I switched mine from the stock to a premium copper cooler and I didn’t see much difference. The cpu cooler was another case, I upgraded the stock cpu cooler to a Zalman copper cooler (9500A I think) and that reduced the cpu temps by up to 10 degrees under load. Use good thermal paste most importantly. Arctic Cooling MX3 is said to be the best around and it is not conductive, however I still think the classic Arctic Silver 5 is just as good as it has a burn-in period and gets better over time. Just remember not to dap it all over, in fact the die on the cpu outer case is really in the middle so you don’t even need to put paste close to the edges, just a nice circle in the middle that will spread out far enough when the heatsink is pressed on it.

On another note I have successfully modified F8f BIOS to support SLIC 2.1 for Windows 7 OEM activation. If you need help adding SLIC 2.1 to the BIOS you can let me know. Nothing illegal about me helping you SLIC your BIOS, all the big companies add SLIC tables to the BIOS. I will help you add the SLIC table to the BIOS, what you use it for on your own time is your business. :wink:


Installed the cpu and YES!! IT WORKS!!

It was getting kinda late and I was really tired, but couldn’t resist installing the cpu rightaway, nearly cost me dearly.

I installed a zalman northbridge cooler, motherboard was flexing a bit, not much but anyways, installed cpu and put everything back together, turned on the power…nothing

Thought I killed it, was really agitated, retraced my steps and then it finally hit me, I mistakenly switched the mobo and pci express videocard power plug, duhhh…

After switching the cables, booted up pc and was greeted with POST showing Phenom II 945 :smiley:

I’m so happy!! :cool:

I haven’t tested the cpu thoroughly yet, but what I’m noticing already is that internet explorer rendering is alot faster and smoother, same for windows explorer rendering, everything seems snappier.

I’m running windows 7 rc by the way, waiting for corsair P64 ssd drive before making the switch to win7 ultimate retail.

Thanks for the offer Darkseid001 for the BIOS with SLIC 2.1 support, but I have a technet subscription and also have access to vlk codes from work, so windows activation isn’t an issue.

I’ll be testdriving the cpu this week with games, photo editing and some other stuff , I’m sure I’ll be noticing a nice increase in speed and smoothness in alot of things.

Darkseid001 I really don’t understand why Gigabyte is acting the way they are, I’ve been using Gigabyte products for a long time, mostly because their hardware hasn’t failed me once, I’ve had their mobo’s and videocards, been very pleased also with support issues, so I’m disappointed in the way they’re handling this whole case, AM3 cpu’s clearly work on rev 1.0 of the board, however it should be said as mentioned by you that it’s not recommended (try at your own risk) to install cpu with a higher tdp than 95 watt.

I hope that other people with the same board will notice this thread and be informed that AM3 cpu’s are indeed supported, time will tell about stability, but I’m confident that it’ll all work out.

This is the best upgrade I’ve had in a very long time and can’t say enough that I’m very, very happy :wink:


I also have the GA-MA770-DS3 REV. 1 and am enraged that I technically can’t buy a am3 CPU for this board. I have read a couple other posts on the net, and it seems like most am3 cpu’s will work with bios version f7 or f8f (beta one). My questions are when under a load, does the hyper transport go above 3600mhz? I ask this because all boards that aren’t currently supported above the 3600mhz zone. I am currently looking at the AMD Athlon II X3 435 Rana 2.9GHz( and am wondering if it wil work with my mobo.
PS: I might decide to go up to a athlon II x4 or low end phenom II x4 as well. I currently have a Phenom 9500 at stock everytihng, 3gb ddr2, a 230gb hdd and a 20gb hdd and a 9800gt.


The cpu I’m using is the Phenom II X4 945 and it has a HT Link Speed of 4000 Mhz, as you can see on the first cpu-z screenshot, it says HT Link @ 2000 Mhz (more or less), effective hyper transport frequency is 2000 * 2 (double data rate) = 4000 Mhz.

The cpu you’re looking at has a hyper transport frequency of 2900 Mhz, well below on what I’m running at.

Look at the link for a comparison of the cpu you’re looking at and the one I have.

With the new firmware, F8F, your board should support the latest Phenom II’s, including the Athlon II X3 435 and it’s a 95 Watt cpu, so no problem there.

Still I have to say try at your own risk, I do believe that the cpu you’re looking at is supported and should work, but I don’t want to be held responsible if it doesn’t.

By the way, the question about the hyper transport frequency going above 3600 Mhz when under load.

The hyper transport frequency stays the same when idle or under load, what changes is the cpu multiplier.

Again when you look at the first cpu-z screenshot, my processor is idleing at around 800 Mhz, 4 (cpu multiplier) * 200 Mhz (system bus) = 800 Mhz.

Should it run at full speed, 3000 Mhz, it changes to a multiplier of 15 * 200 = 3000 Mhz.


thank you for the very helpful post. i have this same mobo and was researching hardware for my pc today and your info helped me decide. my setup was a bit too much for my daily needs and inefficient with power consumption and heat exhaust …costing me money in my electric bill every month not only for the pc, but unnecessary air conditioning use.

i did the F8f bios upgrade, then i switched out my cpu:
phenom 9850be -> sempron 140

i also removed a stick of ram and replaced my gfx card:
geforce 7800 gtx -> radeon hd 4670

now my computer is blowing out cool air and per my estimate, using 100W less power, but should be reasonably equal in performance, most of the time.


Talk about overpowered, you went from 125 Watt down to a 45 Watt processor, that should make alot of difference if you compare the energy consumption under load, even on idle…

Hey if the sempron fits your every day need I guess you don’t need anything more powerfull.

I on the otherhand do have a need for x4 processing power, I not only use the pc for everyday use, like e-mail and internet, not to forget gaming, but I also use the machine for testing purposes.

I have vmware server installed and am running about five virtual machines. (I work in IT)
3 domain controllers (running 2 domains), 1 file server, 1 rras server and am planning on installing exchange 2010, so the extra power is welcome. (bottleneck are going to be memory and hdd with max i/o)

Was running all of this on a dualcore and really it makes a difference switching to a x4.

But that’s just it, it really depends on what you use your computer for.

To give users an idea, AMD even categorizes their processors on what perticular use they’re for.


Well, I might be taking the risk as well, considering the Phenom II x3 720 is $112. I actually posted on Gigabyte’s forums and am inquiring there as well.


Interesting thread…

Which similar mobo should I choose to not fail with Gigabutts…?


[QUOTE=chef;2493189]Interesting thread…

Which similar mobo should I choose to not fail with Gigabutts…?[/QUOTE]

GA-MA770-DS3 (rev. 2.0) :wink:


Thanks! :flower:


Hi all,
and sorry for my bad english
Ive been solving this issue with gigaloosers since august 2009, some of my experiences about this are also on forums (as posted above). After 1/4 year of correspondence with tech support they answered me that local will solve this. I was wondering for a quick exchange of mobo. OK finally after 5 emails (december 2009) tech support admited their mistake and promised me exchange of my ga-ma770-ds3 rev1.0 for ga-ma770-ud3. (I also mentioned issue about DDR2 1066 Mhz compatibility from here I was so happy that I will finally get what I ordered and paid for, fully AM3 compatible mobo, but… tech support is not responding on my emails anymore (2 months since their last promise). :Z

Really great company.

And about that evidence they removed… that was done exactly 2hours after my 2nd mail (I called them liars, cheaters and something about criminal behavior), but… not EVERY evidence was removed… :a

Pls where can I download that F8Fbeta BIOS?


The F8F bios is still downloadable from the Gigabyte Support&Download site:


I recently bought a Phenon II 955 BE and tested on F7 BIOS. I initially appeared to work, but after I realized i was working at 1600Mhz and no on demand CPU Frequency scaling…

After update to F8F BIOS everything is working fine.

I got a Phenon II 955 BE because of this “real” table of CPU compatibility to this board, as folows:

I took care of get a processor with serial ID mentioned by the site above, but people seems to got the 965 working on this board and this processor is listed as not working for this board.

Thanks for all for this Thread!



I have that same board flashed to the F8F BIOS (even modded with a SLIC2.1) and I have recently coupled it with a revision C3 Phenom X2 550 CPU. Everything seems normal so far and I have even overclocked the CPU to 3.9GHz on “auto” voltages in BIOS (reports 1.456v, it says default is 1.4v). OCCT stable, no problems or strange behavior up to now. Here’s proof:

This is all thanks to this thread, so thank you.