Gigabyte dual w0404a, ritekg04 and bit setting!

Hi to all, :slight_smile: i’m the owner of a Gigabyte w0404a (btc 1004), I red this forum first time few week ago to sort out problems with ritek go4 (burned at 2x)
I have been using ritek go4 since when I bought the burner (traxdata, SM and Arita media , always with the SAME media code, the thirth one reported in a previos thread), but with Arita I had velocity problem, so:

Nero updating to
fw from 0050beta —>0043

The Arita ritek burned with 0043 have the lowest PI than I have ever had (less than 100, verified with kprobe2, except the last 2% of the disc, often with a lot of error, but lucky always readable )
Now I have 30 more Arita disc to burn, but for the future I’d like to change dvd-r (TYD or MCC) to avoid the volatile quality of Ritekg04

At this time, is there any otthe more efficent solution than 0043+nero last version??

Can I use the fw of BTC drive?? (ex 0051) .Gigabyte fw page contain only 0043 fw and 0050beta(why beta :confused: ??) fw, the other (0049 0048) are deleted, and i don’t have it.

Does my unit support bit setting???..i’d like to burn in the future just dvd+r; i bought a dvd+r philips 8x , and updated the unit to 0050 to try this media but:
dvd info pro and nero recognize the writing strategy only at 1x (!!!) (also with 0043)
dvd identifier detect 2.4 , 4 and 8 velocity, but it’s the only one
dvd info pro, dvd bitsetter and k probe2 don’t allow to set the book type to dvd rom ( “unit doesn’t support bitsetting”

Do I have to change 8x philips media? (may be it’s newer than 0050b firmware?)
Do my unit support bitsetting? wich firmware?
Do I have to use a particulary bit setting utility? (and , reading the forum, everything should be ok also if nero doesnt’ have the box cheked about the dvd rom book, evertythings should be done by the bit setter utility before…
I think …

thanks a lot to the useful forum and the people inside :bow:

you can try F/W 0051 it´s the latest one. I solved my ritekg04 problem by flashing the 0658 F/W for the 1008IM.

i think yes, other rpc1 F/W versions you can download @ Dangerous Brothers but there is the last for your drive the 0050. between 0050 and 0051 where 4 other versions of 0050. i would try to install the original 0051 via liveupdate

yes your drive defenitly support bitsetting, but you will have to update the FW to 0051 to support your 8x media, most 8x medias where added in FW 0358 and 458 i think.

I downloaded the 0051 frm btc site but it’s searches a dvr 1004; I dont’ have this unit and so the updated is impossible;
i can try live update but i think is the same

using the dangeorus brot fw for btc is the same too, no drive is recognized

I downloaded the bit set program (1.05); a notice tells that “it has to bo used fit fw above 0050”, but 0050Beta is included??? And, DO I HAVE TO BURN BEFORE THE DISC, and AFTER change the book type?

I’m very angry with gigabyte support, just this strange 0050beta on the website,
Reported in ChangeList_DRW1004.htm of BTC, my fw is probably the first revision, (but seem to be able to have bit setting) , the philips c08 support semm to be in the V0150 or V0450
thk a lot for patience , for the redundant questions and grammatical error :smiley:

As I told you, live update don’t detect hardware :-(((

a crazy idea: use the flash utility of gigabyte and the bin file coming from 0051 btc…

too crazy???

the 0050 of dangerous brother doesn’t change anything (only rpc1)…

this morning i found a +r marked as POMSC001002 has the same problem as PHILIPS c08

Live update doesn’t work, and also manual update (i tried to use the flash utility of gigabyte with the firmware provided by BTC (0051) or dang Broth (0450), also modifing the TXT file, but nothing…any ideas?

How did you update your 1004 with a fw designed for another unit…the dang broth pack works for you???

I’m writing to gigabyte to ask for some information aobut the fw update…tha’ts my only hope

thks bye

i flashed my drive using mtkflash in dos with the rpc1 fw from dangerous bros.

due to a misunderstood reading your post (i thought you own a 1004 :slight_smile: ), i spent all the mornig , finally, modyfing the txt file , i was uble to update to the 0658 , know everytings is ok :iagree: :cool:

just one more question:

using bit set utility, do I have to set book type before the burnig or after?
if after, how may time cai I change book type, just one???

does this strategy (each time using utility) degrade the quality od the drive or provoke damage?
thk for the help :bigsmile: