Gigabyte 6600 GT AGP Driver problems



[size=-1]I recently bought a Gigabyte 6600 GT AGP graphics card and am having problems updating the drivers. The drivers that came with the card on the cd (66.81 version) work fine and are installed with no problem. However, When I tried to update with the newest (Version: 71.89) I get problems after reboot where all the letters on the screen get jumbled up and the screen flickers up and down and then just freezes.

I even did a clean install of XP and just tried to install the 71.89 version without installing the 66.81 version first and the same problems occured. Drivers get installed no problem but after rebbot same problem occurs.

Can anyone help me? What am i doing wrong?[/size]


You could always try one of the beta drivers from

Might fix the problem


Ok I tried some of the drivers from and I still get the same probelm! This is really frustrating me! Anyone got a Gigabyte 6600 GT AGP and sucessfully updated their drivers?


Did you install your chipset drivers for your mobo first??? You should install the chipset drivers for your motherboard first, and any service packs for XP. Then install the drivers for the graphics card. It sounds to me like the chipset drivers aren’t installed, so the AGP port isn’t working properly. Maybe the card just doesn’t like that driver version, or you’ve got a hardware issue, but I doubt it. :Z


When I did a clean install i installed all the mobo drivers first. All my mobo drivers are up to date. All XP updates including SP2 and after are installed. Mobo bios is up to date as is the graphics card bios. I dont have a problem at all with the older drivers just the new ones. Even on Gigabytes site they only show the older drivers to download. maybe those are the only ones compatible with my graphics card. Oh well, looks like im stuck with older drivers for the time being


I have one and the update went fine! I just un installed the old driver first and then reinstalled the new driver. Down load the driver from nvidia.