Giga Rec and SVCD

When using the Plextor Premium Writer I can burn SVCDs using the Giga Rec option even at 1.4x. However the file size should not excede 999 Mb (Mode2 Form2) or 99 min. If I try to create a SVCD using larger files, I cannot create an image with VCDXbuild. Then if I use NERO for the SVCD creation, even if the burn is “sucessfully”, no DVD player recognize it as a SVCD. The problem is not the setting choose in plextool (1.2x, 1.3x, or 1.4x), is the file size.

Any ideas ?

I had a similar experience, when creating a VCD. I never figured out how to create a image lager than 99 min. with VCDEasy, so I used Nero instead. The disc plays just fine in the premium drive (and the Px-708A) using PowerDVD 5. My litey 52/24/6 cant handle the disc and PowerDVD freezes when i try the disc.
My stand alone DVD player constantly gets Picture dropouts
( sorry dont know the english word) with the disc. Personally I think it’s because of the G-Rec level (1.4), at least in my case. Not many Drives/stand alone players can handle the full potential of G-Rec.

Sorry for not beeing at any help, but at least I can confirm there is a problem.

Thank you BeeR_Dog…

In my situation my DVD players recognize the CD, using the 1.4x Giga Rec option. The problem really is in the creation of SVCD greater than 999 Mb (mode2) when using NERO or VCDImager…

How about making compatible Mini DVDs, using Giga Rec option ???