Gift Guide: Flat screens & Blu-ray Players

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Read this second part of our holiday gift guide on Flatscreens and Blu-ray Players, thanks to our partners at Reevoo.

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I didn’t see any Pioneer plasmas on that list. Pioneer smokes everyone but Panasonic.
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And Marantz. Mirantz smokes Pioneer :slight_smile: Freakin expensive though. However I don’t think they make plasmas anymore.

Never heard of Marantz *Mirantz? can you give a link? Yeah and I miss Pioneer too??

Panasonic, Pioneer, are by far the leading manufacturers of Plasma HDTV’s. Not sure why you’re not including them, but you’re missing out if you ignore them.

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thought pioneer was out of the tv scene since kudos range ?

They are, and your a little late to reply to this 2008 thread :wink: