Gift: fast, strong, OpenSource Fasttrack client



I just posted the article Gift: fast, strong, OpenSource Fasttrack client.

Here’s something to keep an eye on, GiFT, software that is able to speak the language of KaZaa and it’s clones, but it’s opensource. The KaZaa software is based on a protocol developed by…

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All open source software has the potential to be the best due to the fact that anyone and everyone can add to it and help improve it: eg: LAME


Opensource RULES. Just look at Linux, or one of my favorite ICQ clients “Miranda ICQ”.


Yes but what is intresting in this piece of software is that the KaZaa protocol is not open source (yet), so they will need to find out how it works and then duplicate it. Once they did that they can improve it and do whatever they like, and that’s great as the FastTrack stuff now already works great !


I think this is just great! But the way edonkey handles up and downloads is even far better, work on that! (damn, why didn’t I pay more attention in the C++ lessons, so I could try that myself :c )