Giant chicken crosses the road -- and drivers say they didn't see it

A police officer in Lake Elsinore, Calif., donned a yellow chicken costume and crossed numerous roads in an effort to nab drivers who fail to yield for pedestrians, reports.

Police said 31 drivers were cited for failing to give way to a pedestrian – and some said they didn’t even see the chicken. One driver was cited for speeding.

“Even though the decoy was wearing a bright yellow costume, most drivers stated they did not see him crossing the road,” Sgt. Peter Giannakakos told

Police conducted the operation at five separate locations across the city after residents had complained that drivers were not yielding to pedestrians, especially near schools.

Residents were reportedly warned of the operation days before the sting.

Since when is a big chicken a pedestrian ? Just some loose livestock.
That’s how I would present it in court.
I’m all for yeilding to most pedestrians . As along as they attempt to obey the law as well.
I haven’t ran over any but I’ve been tempted . For example 4 or 5 teens walking down the street side by side in the traffic lane. They don’t go to the side even if honked at. I’ve went around several groups like this . You have to pass them like you would a car. I’ve never seen the police pull them over for this.

Last I blame cell phone use for a lot of not seeing the big yellow chicken .