.gi help needed

Helooooooooo. i have recently got a game. ps2 :confused:
it was ai a multipart ammp (which i extracted with winrar). it left me with 3 GI files.(1x 11mb, 2x 1.7 gig)
Now the only program i know that uses .GI is prassi primoDVD.
The only problem is that prassi does not recognise many DVD-rom’s. (even with ‘pxEngine390.exe’)which makes it support alot more dvd-roms.
Out of the 3 dvd burners i got it dont recognise ANY!!, it only recognises my plextor cd-rom.

I have managed to extract the 11mb GI file with ultraiso which left me 3.20 gig of files. But it dont work when i burn them to an immage (using make data disk in nero) then to dvd-r.

Any ideas or anyone know what else will support GI files (Global Immage)… :confused:

:cop: not touching this one with a 10 foot pole…