GHR6 DOS upgrader for Ltd-163D!

This is the GHR6, latest Ltd-163D firmware, but in a DOS upgrading executable.

I couldn’t test it, like I did with the DOS GH5Q, for the simple reason that I don’t have the D model.

Looking for a CD Freak who is ready to test it. I want to make it available on my site, but not before it’s tested.

It’s region free and it’s a LITEON, not JLMS :cool:

Get it here:

Please report, for the benefit of the non-freak public. :wink:

I flashed my LTD-163D with your DOS utility and everything seems to be OK. Nero and CloneCD see it as GHR6 and WinXP reports it as Region 1. I popped in a DVD and a CD andthere didn’t seem to be any issues reading either.


I tested the DOS utility and it works fine here. My 163D is still a region free LITEON and that is how I want it. No JLMS renaming here, lol.

Is that the same GHR6 firmware I sent to you as a .bin file? If so then I can just keep your .exe version and get rid of my other GHR6 files.


Thanks guys for testing and reporting, much appreciated!

I will now make it available to the public on my site.

SecretAgentMan, yes its your “own” binary sitting in that exe now. LOL you got back what you already had.
Many thanks for everything! :cool:

LOL, I figured as much but I don’t mind testing things. Nice job on the DOS utility by the way.


Would I be able to get a link to the LTD-163 DOS (GH5Q) updater from you. Thats the one i need for my drive.

Thanks alot!

Just get it from my site, it’s on the LTD163 page.
You wouldn’t miss it - next to a big green “NEW!!!” thingy :wink:


Now I have a little problem, but I think it has more to do with the DVD being region free than the GHR6 DOS flash. I just installed WinDVD 4 and it keeps getting hung on the region selection when I start it up. PowerDVD 4 doesn’t have this problem.

Anyway, I flashed back to GHR5 (not region free), and WinDVD 4 now works.

This may sound crazy, but could you make a GHR6 DOS flash that isn’t region free? Or is there something I can do to WinDVD 4 to make it work correctly with a region free player?


Yeah, it’s a bit of a “crazy” request. I could in theory, but you can achieve GHR6 rpc2 (region protected) in 2 (or 3) ways:

    1. Flash with my Dos Ghr6 and then run RPCED.exe with the button “Enable”, or R1211 with the option “ON”
    1. Get the binary GHR6 from my site here, and flash it with Mtkflash.

However, I’m sure there must be a way to have Windvd run with a region free drive. Have you tried RegionKiller ? I’m quite confident it will solve this issue. I’s very small, takes hardly any resources, and when it’s enable, both Windows and the Playback program ‘think’ the drive is RPC2! Give it a try.