Ghosts from the past



I am very much a newbie, so I am hoping someone can help me in my puzzle.

A friend has a set of CDs. She asked me to make copies. I did and strange things happend…

-The original music recordings were on phonographic records
-One person (now gone) made tapes of these records and then converted from tapes to digital and edited the music in some software (sorry, I don’t know which). In this software program she edited the music to clean up the scratchy noise from the records, other flaws, and also balanced the sound. These edited files were burned to CDs.
-I get a copy of those CDs and make a new set of CDs using HP RecordNow, just simply following the steps to make exact copies
-Results: the old CDs still play fine, but the new CDs have the UN-edited version of the music–all the original static and flaws are back in the music! What happened?! How might I make copies of the CDs that will keep the editing in?


would have thought it impossible…try making a bin file from source audio cd, then burning bin file to cd [try a cd-rw if possible]. how to links below