Ghosters? jedi knight?

Eyeless In Gaza has under 100 posts, but he talks as if he has posted thousands of times… Good intuition,… or the force (post as if he had posted thousands of times before, in a past life. …
So what is your vote

Postcounts don’t mean anything. If it were i was a guru. And i’m not.

Post counts really dont mean anything. I have plenty but still am a rank amature. He seems to have wisdome beyond his 96 posts though…It is almost as if he had posted over 100 posts, but that couldn’t be, his post count is under 100 (and certainlly under 1000, if he only had 96 posts but had posted more than 100 (In a past life), If I could edit the poll I would have added a syth option. Just play along, for fun… Did you vote???

He’s anakins’ twin …

What exactly is your problem with Ghosters, Ripit?

/me is not understanding what “important thing” this thread is about?!?

coughtechical glitch reset Ghosters post count (apparently)/end cough

Problem? No problem (I think hes a really nice guy). I’m just bored and posted a mostly meaningless topic in the livingroom. I mean it in a nice way because I know he is a very friendly and knoledgable person and has much more experience and knoledge than the average newbie with 100 posts (for obvious reasons). :bigsmile:

Ghosters did have some account issues, I guess that that explains the strange post count. Don’t bother I’d say.

To avoid further confusion, I’m closing this one down.