Ghost Rider

I was watching Ghost Rider & it froze on me, on movie only, so I copy it on full version & it still froze what can I do about this can any body help me.

What disc did you burn (brand and mediacode)? At what speed? With which burner? What firmware is installed on the burner?

Typically this is from cheap media and/or high burn speeds. Try using Verbatim or TY media and burning 4x-8x. If you continue to use cheap media then all I can suggest is make sure your compresion is set to atleast 4300 mb and still try to burn at 4x-8x. I had no problem backing up this movie with an excellent playback with 4472 mb compression, Verbatim media and 12x burn.

I agree with Metrock. I run the same settings except that I burn at 18x without any issues. I also use the 16x Verbs. too. I know many others use these settings also except that they also burn at the 4x to 8x. Try this first and see if it helps along with the media upgrade. Welcome to the forum. ~ Mike

BTW, it’s a real cool movie ! ~ Mike

Thanks ,to Who It My Concern.

Yea it is. Worth buying and backing up so you won’t lose it = p

p.s. I know this is off topic