Ghost Rider...what is DTS/5 audio stream?

I tried to back up my new Ghost Rider movie , all seemed well until I get to the actual movie then I lose all audio. I noticed the only thing checked ( I usually just leave things set where they are ) in audio was DTS/5 not AC-3/6 is this my problem ?? I have never noticed a DTS stream before ( not that that means much)
I am using anydvd and clone dvd2

yeah if you don’t have a DTS decoder then you need AC-3/6. I do and love it :slight_smile:

thank you . I do not have a decoder. I’ll try again adding the 3/6 stream

yeah just leave out the DTS and you will get a better % anyway.

should I just use 3/6 or also add the 3/2 ??

3/6…3/2 is usually directors comments. I don’t know how it is setup. I don’t have the movie. I only get 3/2 if i copy the whole movie and the % is low. Or i split it onto 2 discs or use a DL disc and then i use CloneCD.

backed it up with no problems , thank you rolling56

No problem. Happy burning :clap: