Ghost Rider & Blood and Chocolate

:confused: I am trying to backup my copies of Ghost Rider & Blood and Chocolate and just keep wasting DVD’s. I am using Anydvd/CloneDVD2. Ghost Rider has 1 title but when I play it back it has the directors comments over the movie. I tried to uncheck different settings but still not working. Blood & Chocolate has 2 titles. I’ve tried both of them and the same thing happens…directors talking over the movie. I’m no pro at this but usually don’t have this much trouble. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong???

The movie soundtrack may actually be on some of your backup attempts depending on your CloneDVD track selection choices … did you try cycling through the available tracks by repeatedly pressing the “Audio” button on your players remote? Or choosing the correct track from the DVD’s setup menu? Did you make the backups with “Preserve Menus” selected in CloneDVD?

Rather than make this a long post, just read this that I posted on another forum:


It’s more likely he picked the AC3/2 track instead of AC3/6…

:smiley: Oh thanks so much!!! Thats what it was, I was keeping the AC3/2 with the directors comments instead of choosing AC3/6. Thought I was going to pull my hair out. With all that time & frustration I could have bought another original to keep as the back up.

No problem. It’s a common issue. People pick the AC3/2 cause they think they’re saving space but AC3/6 doesn’t take up much more space and scales to 2 channel anyway.