Ghost Rider Backup

Need help please making a backup of Ghost Rider. Have owned DVDFab Platinum for 5 months. Never had any problems until now. Downloaded the new version but DVDFab doesn’t seem to recognize Ghost Rider. Just did back up of The Devil’s Rejects. It had problems on my last version, but did ok with this one. Any suggestions, it’s driving me crazy. :confused:

Which mode have you tried :confused: “FullDisc”, “Main Movie” or one of the other modes also what are the settings you are using :confused:

Tried customized, full movie, and main movie. Not sure I understand what you mean by settings. Also, what is an ISO Buster? It was in an answer I needed to another question about Backing up a back up.

Settings meaning write speed, Packet writing , SAO writing.
ISO Buster is a program that you can use to recover data from DVD’s that have scratches

I know I may seem really stupid, but how do I find out these items? Still quite new to this.

I just copied Ghost Rider with DVDFAB HD free version no problems.

I did Ghost Rider Extended Cut verison with Platium and no problem

Open DVDFab and at the top right you will see a small round button with a Gear on it click on it then click on the small dropdown that says “Common Settings” now on the left side click on the word “Write” to open the Write settings page and make these changes

Write Speed…4x or 8x
Write Type of DVD-R Media…SAO Writing
DVD Writable Media (DVD-5) Size…4464 (use customize in drop down )
Set Booktype to DVD-ROM…(put a check in the small box)

@ theboltz and DONVAN
ABREWER is looking for HELP not to hear you backed up the movie :frowning:

Hi ABREWER and welcome to the forum. First, at the top of Fab, click on the little flower at the far left. This opens common settings. If it’s the first time you have been there, then everythings stock so to speak. This is where the settings that Stormjumper was talki8ng about. Click on write in the left hand column and look at the settings. Change the setting Type of dvd-r media to SAO Writing first of all. Your write speed to 4x or 8x till the problem is fixed. And check set book type to dvd rom. See if these settings help any. If not, in your next post, explain where and how the burn is failing ok. ~ Mike

Hi Stormjumper, must of hit the button at about the same time, LOL. ~ Mike
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Hello Mike my friend how is life your way good I hope :iagree:

Outstanding actually. Feeling great and keeping busy. I hope you are also. ~ Mike

Hey StormJumper and astone 2665,

Thanks for the tips but I’m still not having any luck. The program won’t even read the dvd like the others. Just did Talladega Nights a little bit ago and it also read Spawn. Any suggestions?

Do you open the program first & then insert the disc or do you insert the disc & then open the program? Have you tried playing it in a media player for a few seconds to make sure it plays? Do you have Autoplay on for that drive?

I open the program first and then inset the disc. I tried it in our dvd player and had no problem.


Can you see the disc content like “VIDEO_TS” folder in windows Explorer?

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I tried it in our dvd player and had no problem.

Sorry, I meant a media player on your PC?

Thanks y’all. I did try it on my pc. Worked great, believe that? I have just given up. Maybe another copy will have move success. I do appreciate the help though. Now I know who to count on if I have any other snags.

About 85% of the of the time when Dvdfab will not recognize a dvd is that it is a bad disc, which you such return and get another copy and see how it works because I know Dvdfab is fully capable of backing-up this movie.

Thanks for the tip. I thought it was awfully strange that dvdfab wouldn’t even recognize it. I’ve never had this much trouble before.