Ghost Rider - Arccos Puppetlock

Hi all

The R4 version of Ghost Rider DVD uses Sony Arccos Puppetlock copy protection, but the latest version of AnyDVD decrypts it perfectly and no problems.

I reported problems on previous versions of AnyDVD not removed Puppetlock properly, but this was soon rectified with an updated version of AnyDVD.


Arccos and Puppetlock are two different protections. Puppetlock is used on german dvds made by the “Augsburger Puppenkiste”. Arccos is used on sony dvds and some others. IMHO the reason why anydvd says “arccos puppetlock” is that the proctections have a big similarity.
In this case Ghost Rider R4 has Arccos, while the R1 has nothing special (only CSS) on it.


In reply to your message, I know that Arccos and Puppetlock are completely different, but AnyDVD shows it this way "Sony Arccos (Puppetlock) all on the same line, which makes it look like the one copy protection. Maybe Slysoft should change the way it displays it. Obviously there are similarities. I also noticed Sony DADC on the inside of the spindle hole, which of course is Sony.

Thanks for the clarification on this and AnyDVD does a mighty fine job or bypassing these systems.