Ghost Recon probs

k i just got CD Mate 'cuz Clone CD freezes my comp. every time I load it and CD Mate doesn’t so ya.


K I got an Acer 4x4x32 and it supports all the RAW and Sub Channel Reading blah blah etc. and it’s on Clone CD’s compatibility list so I dont think it is a problem w/ my writer. I tried to burn Ghost Recon which has SafeDisc v2 on it and after I got done attempting to burn it, I would stick it in my other CD-ROM reader and it would make these weird sounds that I’ve never heard before. After a million years of what sounded like trying to auto-run the cd. I went into My Computer and looked on the cd, all the files were there, except all the icons for like the setup or for the actualy ghostrecon.exe were the default windows ones. Is that normal? Anyway, every time I tried to click on setup.exe my cd-reader would start trying to run it but to no avail. So, I need some advice from all the people on these forums because most likely you guys have been doing this stuff alot longer that I have. Thanx a ton. I’m running win 98, AMD k6-3+ 500 @ 500, emm, I don’t know, u might need that info. Hope you can help!

sounds weird
which version of clonecd were you using
that froze your computer

Actually according to Clonecd’s compatibility list I wouldn’t consider that burner anywhere near enough to be considered compatible.

i was using the newest version of clone cd and yes, my burner is on the compatibility list. the clonecd one.

try these settings
speed 4X
FES on
FEs settings:
error correction software
read retries 3
everything else of
speed max
AWS on
dont close… on
everything else off