Ghost of Vista?

Soon I will be getting Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium and need to know if Norton has or will be coming out with a Vista (32-bit and or 64-bit) compatible Ghost. I have Norton Ghost 9.0 and really love the software but it will not work on Vista.

I know Windows Vista Business & Ultimate have a backup utility like Norton Ghost, but that doesn’t help me.

I guess I can boot into XP and do a backup of the Vista partition that way…

See here

Symantec claims that Norton Ghost 12 (still in beta-testing) will be released April 18, 2007, and will officially support Windows Vista.

You will need Net Framework 2 and it will have a slightly different GUI.

FYI: Applications that have earned the “Certified for Windows Vista” logo or the “Works with Windows Vista” logo

This doesn’t mean that other programs will not work with Vista.

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Kewl! Thanks for finding the info!

Just for information, Acronis Home 10 is working great with Vista 32 Ultimate.

It also works great with Home Premium 64bit.

I can also affirm that. Even though Vista Ultimate comes with a backup program, I still prefer Acronis True Image. :clap:

Hi guys & gals, I am a Newbie to the forum and see where you are going with the above… But how about Ghosting Vista fron an SCSI HDD to a SATA HDD ? That seems to have serious problems of it’s own :bow: [FONT=Comic Sans MS]

Wouldn’t that also give a huge driver issue?

Ghost works in DOS, but I use Acronis for everything now in place of Ghost and Partition Magic.