Ghost 'n' Stuff

Hello If you like Ghosts and Gouls check out this cool site…

Join the free forum and add ghost pics and stuff yourself :slight_smile:

Great link! I love this stuff! :iagree:

Screw ghosts. Beware the freaking doll.

AHHHH! those clown dolls are freaky bloody things

Clowns? Hah Bumhug! Bloody sailor dolls with their freaky “waaahhhhhhh” when it was laying down … and it’s blooming TV watching habit.

no such things except for the feeble minded and children :a makes a good film tho :clap:

Maybe you can explain that to:

  1. My mother/father, that always came home to find the damn thing sitting on the couch with the TV blaring.
  2. My friend that heard a baby crying in the cupboard, but nothing excepti the doll in there.
  3. My Cousin, who managed to have her baby crying practically non-stop all night every night, until the day she palmed the doll off to someone else.
  4. Our old neighbour that brought the damn thing back 2 years after my cousin managed to palm it off to someone on the other side of the country.

In every case, bad luck followed almost immediately after receiving the doll. Everything bad disappeared almost immediately after getting rid of the doll.

Some things cannot be explained by science or logic. Some things you need to experience.

Have you ever been woken up in the middle of the night by being poked … seeing nothing but pitch black, then hearing laughter that seems to echo through the walls … clambering sounds as something climbs down the bunk ladder and then the patter of tiny feet running out of the room?
On multiple occasions?

I am not a child, and am by no means feeble minded :rolleyes: , yet dolls, clowns, and ventriloquist dummies freak the crap out of me! :eek:

And people wonder why they freak the crap out of me… Whatever’s messing with my 3 year old son at night can’t be seen, which may actually be a blessing. :frowning:

can someone please hold me…i’m scared now…

Wow, it’s been 7 minutes & BigMike hasn’t been in here yet offering his services :wink:

Now look what you did Danny, you got debro started on his ghost stories and as a result everybodys frightened now! Thats what happens! Are you happy now!? :wink:

Thats right …you tell him your Papalness…throw out a curse on him…

chucky he was cool

stand by what i said weak and feeble minded ps send me the doll i will keep it :iagree:

You don’t know what you’re in for. You might change your mind about the supernatural pretty quickly. We’re not weirdo’s & we aren’t obsessed, sometimes weird stuff just happens.

I have no idea where the doll is (a mixed blessing) and if you PM your address, when it turns up again, as it has 3 times now, I’ll send some bad luck your way.

Don’t be surprised when your life turns out like a bad blues song … your girlfriend/wife leaves, your dog dies & your butt gets thrown in jail.

if it turns up send it to me :iagree: the mind is real if we think we see it we see it :slight_smile: then all these fortune tellersfortelling the future for money PMSL wouldent it be easier to perdict (correctly the winning 6 lottery no’s)
even the church believes cos they do exocisms so there are a lot of believers out there afraid i aint one of them :disagree:

On a totally unrelated note, can you use dots? :wink: