Ghost Master: WTF?

Ok, I had thought after mucho reading, that I was beginning to understand the new protection schemes. But this game threw me back to square 1.

Ghost Master, by all reports ( is a Safe Disc protected game.

I tried backing it up, in accordance to the 2.9 instructions, and I couldn’t get it to work. I found a BWA on portmac(sp?)'s site however. Curious I downloaded it and tried it and wtf it worked.

I thought securerom was the one that needed the twinpeak method? Can anyone explain this one, I am quite confused.

As far as I know Ghost Master IS SecuROM 4.8x. If you want to check then scan your CDRom with ClonyXXL and see what it says. IT maybe different copy protection in different contries.

If it is SecuROM then add it to the Ghost Master entry in the Copy Protection forum.

You are right SecuROM is the one that needs twinpeaking or if you ahve a plextor premium then just use BlindWrite