Ghost Master original, SD 2.9 won't run no matter what

I’ve removed all burning softwares, D-Tools, cleaned registry, removed orphan files (yes, disabled all virtual drives before uninstall)…darn thing still says insert correct cd…I’ve tried it in a fresh Win install and it runs ok. What the hell does this crap look for when running…?

These guys must be getting a lot of complaints and returns from making such exagerated checks. I mean, who's gonna want to format and re-install just cause they're so hyper paranoid. 

They should understand that games are for kids and kids break and scratch and lose stuff. At 50, 60 or even 70 bucks a pop, this is getting very annoying and now even the originals won’t run…sheesh…gimme a break.

They should at least ADVERTISE on the BOX about this shit…I certainly wouldn’t buy it. Anyways, anyone can help? ‘cause I can’t return this piece of crapware. What a freaggin’ rip off.

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Have you removed blindwrite’s patin-couffin layer after uninstalling blindwrite? Blindwrite’s uninstall program doesn’t remove it.

I recently tested blindwrite 4.51 and found that no copy protected original cd would run with that patin-coffin layer on my system.

If that problem has affected you, you’ll either need to remove it manually or else overwrite it by installing an older version of blindwrite that doesn’t have that problem (say v. 4.2.5).

…no go, thnx Phil.