Ghost in the Shell series compressing too much - WTF?

I’m backing up Ghost in the Shell - Stand Alone Complex volume 2 and for some reason, the image I’m creating comes out at 3.22 GB when it would be compression with Jap audio taken out (it’s also dubbed in English) at be around 60% to create a 4.36 GB image.

Anyone know why this might be, has it ever happened to them with any titles?

Oh, it’s DVD Shrink I’m using BTW. :wink:

OK, I tried it with Clone DVD and it went to 4.36 GB. Thing is, I don’t want the constant bit rate, I want variable - but why would this be happening only with Shrink? All my other DVD are doing fine!

Try this (since you have CloneDVD at your disposal):

Set the CloneDVD copying method to “DL +/- R” (on the little pull-down menu near the compression meter). This will render uncompressed files to your forthcoming rip to your HDD. Select & deselect the elements of the original until you are happy with what you want to retain. On the last page of CloneDVD, choose the output to “ISO/UDF Image” rather than “DVD Writer”. Then rip the movie to your hard disk.

Then use Shrink to process that the uncompressed CloneDVD ISO and see if CloneDVD cleaned up the the rip so that Shrink will now get your full 4.36 GB compression using deep analisis.

If it still renders a 3.22 GB size in Shrink, as an experiment, turn off deep analysis. Of course DA is a major feature of Shrink but it might tell us something.

If I am telling you stuff you already know, then sorry.

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I already tried that first one, thanks though.

And deep analysis can’t be turned off as the file has already been analysed now!

Any ore suggestions?

You can start from scratch and empty the DVDShrink temporary analysis folder and let it analyzes again.

What is the size (the main bar size at the top) with no compression with nothing removed? What is the size (the main bar size at the top) when you uncheck Jap audio at no compression for main movie? Is there multiple titles under Main Movie? What is the video size (left window) for the main movie with Jap audio removed for both No compression and Automatic ratio? What is the compression ratio for it?

Have you tried Custom ratio option for the movie yet to see if it helps?

Both Shrink and CloneDVD transcode, nothing to do with CBR.

As for your question in other thread, try DVD Rebuilder which makes use of commercial and freeware encoders.

Can I ask where this folder is please? :slight_smile:

6,849MB 100% but no Jap as I ditched it when transcoded @100% with Clone DVD as I didn’t need it anyway. There are 5 titles under main movie. Compressed: 3,635 100%: 5,575

Can I ask how in-depth vs non-in-depth analysis compares? Is it the analysis that gives it the VBR?

I have tried custom ratio yes, no joy sadly. :frowning:

I believe that Clone DVD uses CBR and Shrink does VBR, the latter obviously being superior. This series often uses fast action paced scenes then almost static slower ones so I’d want to make use of it too.

Thanks for the pointers to the other software, if a non analysed Shrink doesn’t do it I’ll have to look at alternatives.

It’s under C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\DVD Shrink, or something similar to it for XP. I doubt it will make much difference but you can give it a try, who knows.

This DVD probably is multi-angle, and Shrink may have a problem with it like the undersizing you encounter. Look at the IFO to be sure. At 65% compression, I would go with DVD Rebuilder using CCE/HC/Procoder, they’ll give better quality. It’s up to you really.

Look under Help -> Quality Settings. It’ll explain how DA works - generally it will improve video quality and meets the target size. Note that how good the quality is based on the bitrate, compression level, and complexity of the source, and how well the encoder/transcoder does its job. You probably won’t notice the artifacts if you’re seeing on a small TV at high compression.

Thanks, will try - because…

OK, after several hours (we’re talking like, 4-5 hours here), Rebuilder FINALLY finished. And gave me 4.26 GB, which although higher, is still short by 0.1 of a GB which does make a difference.

This isn’t multi-angled at all so I really don’t get what’s going on. I’ll try Shrinking it with the in depth analysis files deleted - if anyone has any good ideas please do chip in, and surely there’s more than Shrink that has a VBR without having to use a complete rebuilder ?

You could try to change the target size to be a little bigger, like 4.45GB, in Shrink.

As for Rebuilder, please provide more info: version of RB, encoder use, settings use, prepare log.

I did consider that with Shrink but it would take a lot of trial and error, and did try calculating it from what I got at 3.2 GB but that overshot to 5.69 GB. I tried working back from that… got 3.2 something GB.

As for DVD RB, hell knows - that program’s hell to work with if you’re not au-fait with the ins and outs. VOB Blanker is as far as I go with DVD modifying.

ANYWAY - good news! I considered using an older version and it worked. I’ll keep the installer on my HDD in case this ever happens again! Lesson to be learned, eh?

Thanks for all your help. :smiley:

Glad you got it to the size you want. But what old version number do you use?

I believe it’s the direct predecessor - 3.1.