Ghost Boot Disc Issue


I’ve got a funny ghost bootdisc issue and would like someone to assist.

As version 8 is spanned across 2 diskettes, I understand tt we need to make a 2.88 floppy emulation boot disk from Nero if I want a bootcd.

Ghost booted and loaded perfectly. It reads 2.88 emulation when starting PC-Dos.

Used this to ghost an empty partition (Fat32). (To save time for testing) It was successful when I burned the image to a dvd to make it bootable. It got the information from the bootcd when I set it to be bootable.

When I restart the system with this new ghost boot image dvd, it starts PC Dos with 1.44 floppy emulation. Now this hangs the system and ghost was not able to start.

The question is: How is it that the first cd made load Dos with 2.88 floppy emulation and the product of the ghost of the disc load Dos with 1.44 floppy emulation? How can I make it such that it will be reading 2.88 emulation all the time such that I do not need to swap discs?

I really cant find the information around. Really need someone to assist me with this.