Ghost 2003 backup to DVD Problem

I backed up my c drive to another partition rather than to DVD because its a lot quicker (and safer)
then thought I’d burn image to disk using nero and make it bootable ,so I’d have 2 backups and still faster than using ghost to make the dvd,
thats when the problem occurred :confused:
although disk booted ok,when I tried to check image I got this message

cd/dvd disc
DISC NOT MADE BY GHOST (Which is true cause I used nero) :stuck_out_tongue:

so tried just burning image to DVD and used ghost floppy to start ghost
and I get the same error

Dont understand this cause I did a lot of reading and spanning images on h/drive and then burning to disk using nero is the way most people seem to recommend
anyone else came across this

It seems that Ghost either only has a rudimentary support of optical drives
or that the CD/DVD has to be in a special format (created by Ghost).
Try using a bootdisk with CD-ROM driver and access the disc via drive letter.

Burn the ghost image as a UDF Cd/DVD in nero. worked for me

Ok asid
will give it a go
but what file system version 1.02,1.05,2.00,or 2.01

I used default 1.02

Na no luck :frowning:
still wouldnt read the image, I had a good look thru google and only came across 2 other guys with the same problem,
and neither of them got it fixed (well not up to their last posts anyway)

Eventually gave up and just used ghost to make the DVD image an check it,
and man is it slow (works tho)

Try Bootit NG.

I don’t understand why you simply won’t avoid all of these problems and create the discs with Ghost 2003.
Wouldn’t it be better to have a functional product even though it would take a bit longer to create?
The process is extremely simple.

Yeah, if you look 2 posts back youll see I already did that,

The point is I should be able to burn the already prepared image to disk , and ghost should recognise it ,but it doesnt

Granted this is an older thread but this is one of the few topics that appear from Google regarding this error message. I’m getting the same error #1972 from Ghost. I am doing it this way because I work for a company that backs up their ghost images to a server. As old computers are retired (so old they do not have a cd burner) we want to burn the ghost images to CD to save harddrive space on the server. The only solution I see is to pull down the ghost images over the network and hookup an external CD/DVD burner via USB. If anyone else has figured out a better solution please post. :smiley: :smiley: