GH24NSC0 - trouble reading some data discs - Switched to BDR-209DB

Hi everyone:

I’m new here, just been lurking to learn more. I have an LG GH24NSC0.
Firmware version 11/3/2014 (version LK00) I’ve burned maybe 20 or 30 discs on it in total. My computer is on
every day about 12 hours a day.

In the last few days, I’ve noticed the drive is having minor trouble reading more of the DVDs I burned 3 or 4 years ago. I can’t remember on which drive the discs were burned.

How do I figure out if this problem is due more to the discs (mostly DVD-R) aging, or the drive? I’ve run an Opti drive test, but I don’t know how to interpret the results.

Also, is there a firmware update for this drive?

Thanks in advance

Come on, surely someone can at least help me get started. This can’t be an unusual question.
LG apparently has no drive diagnostics tools.

Here is a test done with Opti Drive Control

Test was done using a RitekF1 DVD-R

What does this mean?

@Brainer1 - Your plot shows the speed curve at which the test disc was created. It doesn’t tell you anything about the quality of the media or the burn. However, IIRC, the GH24NSC0 is capable of quality scanning DVDs using CD-DVD Speed or OptiDrive Control. Please try scanning at 8x using one of your older RITEKF1 burns and post the results here. Also, do you have any other drives which might be capable of quality scanning?


I didn’t know what quality scanning meant, because that exact term is not on the Opti interface. I assume you meant “Disc quality”, so attached is my disc quality scan, again for a Ritekf1 DVD-R.

The only other desktop drive I have close by is a Pioneer DVR-118l. Does that have quality scanning? My Mom has an LG internal desktop drive at her place. I think it might be another GH24NSC0. Would that be useful?


Opti Drive Control 1.70 Disc quality scan Ritekf1-16x on 2017-03-02

But…I have to put this in another post-since I’m new, I can only post one image per post. See next post for next scan.

OK, next scan…done at 8x on Ritekf1 again. Why do I get the feeling this is showing bad results.

Opti Drive Control 1.70 Disc quality scan Ritekf1-8x on 2017-03-02

@Brainer1 - Thanks for your post. Yes, I meant disc quality. Your result is, to put it mildly, not a good scan. Either the original burn was not good, the media is low quality, the disc has deteriorated significantly since then, or some combination of the above. If you have important data on any of those old discs, better get it off ASAP. As a suggestion, try burning on higher quality media and then re-scan once every several months. Some of the better media are JVC 8x or 16x DVD-R (if you can still find them - JVC no longer makes them) or FalconMedia Pro 8x or 16x DVD-R (still available). Verbatim 16x AZO discs are also good. If you can get hold of any of those, try some burns and then post results. I’m pretty confident you’ll see much better results.

Aw dang! I didn’t see the words, “using some of your older Ritek burns”. These were blank, brand new Ritekf1 discs for the above two tests. The discs should be genuine- I bought them at Staples.

OK, I’m redoing it, here it is with one of the older discs with which I’ve had intermittent trouble. This should be a Verbatim disc-burned two or three years ago. Okay…about three minutes into the process of trying to read this disc, Opti says “Unable to read disc label”. OK, trying again. “Unable to read disc label”. The strange thing is, I installed Office 2007 using this disc just a few days ago (burned disc, not from factory).

So, knowing that I accidentally scanned two blank, newer discs above, and now Opti can’t read the old Verbatim written disc, can you suggest what this all means and what to try next?


If that was a new disc, then either they’re bad or your drive does not like them.

OptiDrive has an option to disable reading of the disc label. You should disable it, since it can cause the software to hang. Please try scanning the old disc again after making that change.

I shut off the volume label check feature. Now, Opti is not hanging. Here are the test results for the same burned DVD from 2 or 3 years ago (Office 2007).

Hmm…I’m confused by the interface. Beside the drive, the dropdown menu says 16x.
In the testing area, the dropdown says 8x. What does this mean?

Opti 1.70, older burn on Verbatim AZO.

This doesn’t look good either, right? All that red? Should I test another disc? The burner isn’t having
too much trouble reading many other older discs (but it is with some of them).


The top box is the read speed. Your scan was properly set to 8x. You’re right, that result doesn’t look good either. If all your old discs are like that you’re lucky the drive can read any of them. More will probably start to fail soon.

If you still have any Verbatim AZO discs lying around, please try burning and scanning one of them to see how a fresh burn looks.

The only older discs I could find were 9 or 10 years old. I don’t think that would be a valid test, cause aren’t those really too old to be reliable?

I burned some data to one of the more current RitekF1 discs. Here are the results:

Does this look any better? Should I try to dig up a more current Verbatim somewhere?

Unfortunately, these results are still bad. Either your drive doesn’t like RITEKF1, or you have a bad drive. If you have any Verbatim discs (even 9-10 years old), please try a burn or two with them and then scan the results. Hopefully they’ll be better.

You might also try burning a Ritek and a Verbatim with your DVR-118, and then scan those with the GH24NSC0.

I was mistaken-the other drive is in fact an NEC ND-3550.

Here are the test results from the LG drive, with burned discs from the ND-3550.

Verbatim DVD+R DL burned on ND-3550 at ~6x

+R DL MCC burned at 6x.

Is this any better, or is it time to try/buy another burner?

This is still not good. Since your scans are consistently poor, I’m thinking it’s time to get a different burner. What drives are available to you?

Well, for temporary use, I could pull that ND-3500 from my Shuttle. That drive has a very good rep, no?

I really want to buy a new(er) drive that’s very well-built, cause I don’t buy into the modern mentality of buying things that are disposable. I also don’t have the time to be screwing around with things that don’t work. my problem is I’m limited cause I really want to be able to burn M-Discs, cause I need the durability sometimes.

Do any of the older drivers, which were really well-built, support M-Disc burning?

Yes, older NEC drives had a good reputation, but they don’t support M-DISC. Plus it’s clearly been around a while. If you want a newer drive with M-DISC (DVD) support, you’ll need a recent Samsung, LG, or Lite-On drive. Samsung has exited the market, but you can still find their drives around. Lite-On only makes DVD drives now. LG still sells both. Will you be burning strictly DVDs, or potentially Blu-rays also?

Thanks yet again. I will only need to burn DVDs, and the occasional CD. I don’t need Blu-ray. Audio quality is not important.

I really want M-Disc, if it’s really durable. I am not a fan of other products from the companies you mentioned. There are no older drives which more sturdily built that burn M-Disc? Maybe I’ll have to use 2 diff. burners. GRR! I’m so tired of stuff being built so badly that it ends up in the garbage. Bad for my stress levels. Very very bad for the environment. Only good for the shareholders and the CEO of the mfgr.

EDIT: If a Blu-ray drive were really reliable for burning M-Disc DVDs, I’d consider buying it. But I’m really looking for something that will last a few years. My last 3 burners have each lasted less than a year or two.

Correct, no older drives support DVD M-DISC. LG were the first drives to add support, then a few other OEMs added it (Lite-On and Samsung primarily). I’m not sure you need two drives, though. Most current Lite-On drives support M-DISC, are very good scanners, and are good DVD burners with the right media. Similar for the Samsung SH-224GB, as an example.

Responding to your final edit, Blu-ray drives can burn to CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays, usually quite well. Some models also support M-DISC DVDs. (ALL Blu-ray drives can burn to Blu-ray M-DISCs.)


Any idea which of all the ones that burn M-Disc are the most well-built, reliable drives? My current LG came with a 90-day labour warranty. <blech!>