GH22NS50 has Adware!

Here is a thread at Newegg about it.

:eek: What’s that? :eek:

I doubt thats true anyway…

Probably those who spread this have no idea about “autorun” and “securdisc” feature…

Probably those who spread this have no idea about “autorun” and “securdisc” feature…[/QUOTE]

It definitely is true as there is a tool out already to get rid of it. Dunno what LG is thinking (and from what I hear, no one can get a straight answer out of them on this) but I don’t like it at all.

This is no adware and no one forces you to install this LG burning tool. See my comments in the thread mciahel linked above.

You do get the constant nagging everytime the tray is opened and closed. That’s just as bad because you are being forced to go through that until using a tool to get rid of the nagging.

It is strange that this new feature is not mentioned on LG’s website.
At least, someone managed to mention this product in the official LG FAQ:


If it’s exactly like in that link where you can click “don’t agree” and “never” and it doesn’t install (Bluebird or virtual drive) and doesn’t nag after that, then that would be acceptable to me.

I’ve heard different things like some not getting the EULA agreement with the choices and Bluebird installs, some say Bluebird installs anyway no matter what is checked, some say it still nags at every tray open/close no matter what. Some say Vista also gives a warning of it’s own at each tray open/close.

I ordered the drive and will have it in a couple of days so I’ll then know for sure exactly what happens.

Well, adding software in the firmware of an optical drive in a U3 stype, is an innovation, and there is confusion among some users who never expected such (and LG marketing doesn’t mention anything about this).

Additionally, the LG people might have done it not the right way (autorun etc.), so users may consider this a big annoyance (I would, also) and even adware, which it might not be in fact.

Looking forward to your “review” :slight_smile:


Well, adding software in the firmware of an optical drive in a U3 stype, is an innovation

I suppose that would be decided if it was wanted or not. For me, drag and drop burning for the one drive (I have 4) is not wanted so I do not regard this particular decision by LG as innovation. I have my own way way of doing things already, I only need LG to provide me a good drive. I can take care of the rest.

Disabling autorun should solve any problem as long as you can stand the blue disk icon.
No virtual drive is installed. It behaves just like you had a bluebirds installation cd in your drive when the drive is empty and the tray is closed, which is confusing enough.

Well, I personally don’t like these features either.

But the behaviour of LG to throw these drives onto the market without “warning” the users is plain bad marketing. The “LG spreads Adware” rumour is already spreading over the internet :eek: No good times for LG. Perhaps they are the next giving up the ODD business…


Well I installed the GH22NS50 and it turns out there is not any problem. When opening the tray for the first time, after a few seconds a notice comes up trying to install the bluebird. There is the option to Agree or Disagree. Clicking on Disagree gets another box with the option to click “Never”. That does the trick and no further notice will be given and nothing installs. So at least it doesn’t install anything behind your back like I first thought might be the case. Now on to see how good the drive is.

Leave it to LG to come up with something like this in the first place.

Hi! You look the decision of problem here [B]LG GH22NS50 Bluebirds Removal Tool[/B]
Download [B]New firmware (TN01) for only GH22NS50(Removed BlueBird Function)[/B]

Any good reviews of this drive anywhere?

i was wondering if somebody could tell me if this drive is good I dont really know all the specs that are talked about on this forum but i just burn some data and audio cd’s and also i see bluebird had been remove in firmware tn-01 although tn-02 is out now, so would this be a good drive? my local computer store also has a samsung sh-223b and a pioneer dvr-118l I dont know which one would be better between the 3.

Best drive I’ve owned for the money, I used to be into optical stuff big time, lots of C1 Error reports of various media from various drives at various speeds by me hopefully still dotted around the net.

Go for it - I see no sign of any bluebird or anything, I ordered 2 seperately, since I posted below, both churned out a good 100 discs or so, everything totally fine.

and anyone know if the GH24LS50 is any good?