GH22NS40 not burn dvd

Hi all! i’m a newbie and i’m sorry if i write in the wrong part of the forum (and sorry for my english):smiley:
i have the GH22NS4 LG burner : it not burns any dvd! i don’t know why…
i have changed two model of this dvd burner but no one burns dvd.
i 've tried to burn with some softwares but nothing…

these are the error message with CD burner XP:

devPowerOnreserOccurred Could not write to DISC (LBA:1126944 Lenght:32)
Power On, Reser, or Bus Device Reset Occurred. - 0x062900

(with a dvd+R tdk)

(devNTSPTU_IO_ERROR) Could not write to Disc (LBA:0 Leght:32)
SCSI Pass-through imterface I/O Error.-0xFF045D

(with a dvd-R maxell)

i’ve this mother board: ASUSTeK Computer INC. P5AD2-E-Premium

Can anyones help me? :bow:
thank you!!!

Use imgburn and post the logfile please.

What burning software do you use?

[QUOTE=chef;2249108]Use imgburn and post the logfile please.[/QUOTE]

Here’s Your logfiles:

Further users confirmation for the faulty SATA controller/FW:

So it is OS-Independant.

growisofs + Nero’s log reported servo tracking errors.

How is the drive & controller set up in the BIOS?

Also, you should use better media, eg verbatim.