Hi, my GH22NP20 is very slow in ripping movies.

I have download the latest firmware v1.02 from

use MediaCodeSpeedEdit to modified GH22NP20_102.exe firmware
to following settings

drive settings read speed ā€“ increase

then i save it and got this

Did I do the procedure correctly? :confused: How do i flashed the bin? :confused:

Please advice and thank you :bow:

[QUOTE=illusions;2208292]Did I do the procedure correctly? :confused:

How do i flashed the bin? :confused:

Read the text in the first message box you get when you load the .exe file :slight_smile:

Does the latest MediaCodeSpeedEdit supports patching for riplock (read speed) and rpc1 for the GH22NP20 ?
Iā€™m also on firmware 1.02

Thank you!

Yes, it does.

[QUOTE=ala42;2237815]Yes, it does.[/QUOTE]

Confirmed, many thanks! Riplock is gone and drive is region free.