GH22NP20 burns CD @ min. 16x

Hey people!

I can’t burn any CD-R under 16x… I’ve tried different media and everything but it doesn’t work… the verbatims i use can be burned at 4x 8x 16x and so on in an older LG 4167 or something like that… I need to burn audio cds at 4x to make sure, i can listen to them very very long time ;D…


Hi HellFire01,
first of all burning slow doesn’t have to do with how long your cd’s, and second, maybe this drive doesn’t have any slower speed, but 16x is a very good burn speed.


Thanks for your answer, but i need to burn some audio cds slower, because I’m a deejay in some clubs and need cds in good quality… i found this at the LG website:

CD-R 4x, 8x CLV, 16x, 24x, 32x, 40x, 48x ZCLV


As far as i know quality has more to do with the disc, and less with the burn speed.
Also most modern dvd burners wont go slower than 8x, so either you will have to live with 16x, or you will have to use your old drive.

One more thing is that most modern drives are optimized for high speed burs, so i guess that your drive will do a good job at 16x with good media.

Thanks for your fast reply =)…
Yes okay, then i will give it a try and burn at 16x… Bought Verbatim wide printable super azo …bla…bla… cd-rs ;D… i think they will do a good job!


I have this same drive and have noticed that I can burn CDs at many different lower speeds. I have had no coasters and it burns dvds at 4X and up. I have some 22 X memorex and they burn great and I use some cheaper media that can only burn at lower speeds and mine does fine.

Hello, the GH22NP20 will not burn lower than 16x because it uses a Panasonic chipset. Only LG drives that have a Renesas chipset will burn at 4x, 8x, etc.