This drive failed while attempting to create a bootable disc with Imgburn. It worked to the extent that it burned the file to the DVD, but then I had to use a paper clip to release the tray. Now the activity light keeps flashing continously at ~3-4 times per second, and it no longer appears in the Device Manager.

I wasn’t too upset about this at first , because I figured I could just order another drive…which I did, but the one ordered is not LightScribe, which I strongly prefer. I was very surprised that there was no reasonably priced Lightscribe drives available. The only thing I found as far as LS DVD burners was LiteOn, which I strongly dislike, and even it wasn’t cheap.

I suspect that the LG drive that I have is a hopeless case, headed for the dumpster, but I wanted to see if anyone knows of a way to save it?