GH22LS30 vs GH22NS30...chipset question!

[QUOTE=vroom;2307626]Not very confusing,

GH22LS30 = lightscribe & sata
GH22NS30 = no lightscribe & sata
GH22LP30 = lightscribe & IDE
GH22NP30 = no lightscribe & IDE

and all this are in theory because lg love to change the last numbers, hust to confuse us:bigsmile:.[/QUOTE]

Are you sure about that?

I thought that:

GH22L[B]S30[/B] = lightscribe & [B]sata[/B]
GH22N[B]S30[/B] = no lightscribe &[B] sata[/B]

GH22L[B]P20[/B] = lightscribe & [B]IDE[/B]
GH22N[B]P20[/B] = no lightscribe & [B]IDE[/B]

and that GH22x[B]P30[/B] drives and GH22x[B]S20[/B] drives do not exist?! :confused:

However LG seems to have on their website a reference to a GH22LP30 drive for example ( but the pdf specs are actually pointing to the GH22LP20 … knowing LG’s dismal state of the support websites lately, I wouldn’t be surprised if they got it wrong on their own website and therefore GH22x[B]S20[/B] and GH22x[B]P30[/B] drives really do not exist :doh:

If they do exist, then what is the difference between a “20” and a “30” drive?

One thing seems to be pretty clear:

  • drives ending in “20” and “30” use a Panasonic chipset
  • drives ending in “40” and “50” use a Renesas chipset