GH22LP20 vs. DVD+RW



Hi. First off I didn’t post in the GH22N/L section just because it seemed to me like it was more intended for results, whereas I have a problem (I’m a noob here, please be kind :wink: )

So, Just got a brand new GH22 for $30. I changed from a rather old GSA-4163 that was giving me a hard time… or so I thought.

I had bought a batch of DVD+RW for my backups, and I just couldn’t get them to burn on the old GSA. Now it’s giving me the same issue on the GH22!! It just won’t let me burn. It sees the DVD, tells me what kind it is, but won’t let me write.

I tried the same disc on my Toshiba laptop and presto, a burnt DVD…

Drive: GH22L
Media: Sony DVD+RW (DPW47L2)
Software: many, but mostly CD Burner XP and Oront
Machine: WinXP Pro SP2, Core 2 Duo E6400, 2 Gig RAM, 1 TB HDD 7200 RPM.

I’d really like to understand what’s going on. It seems to be a drive/media incompatibility, but I don’t know how to verify this and what to do about it.



Ok, nvm. I installed Nero 7 Express and lowe and behold it works! Someone will have to explain that one to me one of these days… but for now even if I hate Nero I’ll have to work with it.