GH22 Scan CDspeed


I´ve just bought a LG GH22LS30 and scanned the burnt Discs with Nero CDspeed on my Benq 1640.
Now I´ve got quite a Spike in the scan of the PI Errors (100) and the Jitter.
The Media is a Verbatim +R Dual Layer 8x - MKM 003.
The recording speed was 4x.
Is that bad or is it still ok?
I´d be grateful for explaning help

Thanks for the help


It should still be readable. I’ve seen much worse on double layer scans. Go to the middle of the movie and see if it plays smoothly.

What did you use to burn the disk? We recommend ImgBurn quite often around here, especially for DL burns, as it will set the layer break correctly.


I´ve used Nero 9 and will now try ImgBurn.

I use the DL for my Movie collection.

Would you recommend this Media Type and the scan?

Is it archivable?

what is the recommended maximum of Jitter and PI errors?

MKM 003 is one of the best double layer disks available. These are Verbatim brand disks yes?

Double layer disks are probably not as good for archival use as regular dvds from a good brand. There is no definitive proof for this yet, but the media is just that much more complex.

As for the jitter and PIE figures, you’re opening a whole can of worms with that question. :slight_smile: Best go talk to the people in the Blank Media forum about that, as I’d rather not put my head on the block for any of them wandering through here.

Thank you very much… :clap: