Gh20ns15 cannot read CAV 8x ? (LG GH20NS10)

[qanda]This thread is about the LG GH20NS10. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]My recently purchased cannot read a bunch of my burned dvd’s !!!

Verbatin 8x DVD-r’s ( MCC 02RG20 ) were burned using a Samsung SH-W162D burner.

LG just cannot read them. It takes a long time to recognize the disc and when it’s done it shows a blank disk.

I can read the disk on the samsung and another Benq I have.

Thing is, if I burn the same disc with the Benq, LG drive reads it fine.

The only difference I noticed is that Samsung burned the disc as CAV 8x and the Benq as CLV 8x.

Is the Samsung burning unsupported DVD-R’s ???

Can anybody help me???


I don’t know what to do!!

Some Samsung firmwares started to burn -R disks at the wrong physical position. Have a look at the written side of the disk. If you turn the disk in the right angle to the light, you can see where the drive started to write close to the inner disk hole. Compare the distance of disks written with your Samsung, LG and Benq drive. If the Samsung drive has a larger gap you found the problem.

Look for Lead in issue here:
You find some images for the same problem on Liteon drives at

I checked the discs and they both have the same gap.

My concern is whether the LG is defective. My guess is that it is not as I purchased two and both cannot read the discs.

Would a new firmware fix the issue?

I mean, different samsung drive can read, benq can read, even an old LG can read, so why can’t a new LG read the discs?

Run a cdspeed disk quality test with your Benq drive on the disk.

There you go.

Is it fine?

This is the Benq burned cd on Benq drive.