GH20NS10 lightscribe problem



Hello everybody. I’m new to this forum, but I see that this community is great so I think you guys can help me. I’ve searched the forum, but didn’t find the answer for what I need.
I’ve got a new GH20NS10 drive, but programs won’t see it as a lightscribe drive. I’ve got official lightscribe driver installed and EL00 drive firmware, but still nothing. I’m quite a newbie into a dvd-drives thing, so I will be very greatful for your help. Thanks in advance.


Welcome [B]UP2D8[/B],

LightScribe drives will carry the LightScribe logo on the front. The LightScribe version of GH20[B]N[/B]S10 is called GH20[B]L[/B]S10, so I think you’re attempting the impossible.


Specs on all shop-sites say that it has lightscribe


You’ll notice that in the link above there is no mention of LightScribe as a feature for that drive. :wink:

The mention of LightScribe on the LG pages appear for all drive–LightScribe or not. You see from this drive that does have LightScribe, how you would know that your drive has LightScribe:


Also, it is missing the lightscribe logo from the front of the drive.