GH20NS10 doesn't read dvds >.<



I’ve went through this forum a couple of times, found a few posts about this problem but none of the fixes suggested worked for me >.<

Now my problem is pretty simple, when i insert a CD it works perfectly, when i insert a DVD the dvd ram tries to read it (it makes a scratchy noise, stops, again, stops) and it keeps like that for a few seconds until the DVD stops and my PC begins to move really slowly unless i take the DVD out, which makes my PC work normally again.

What could be the problem?

My specs:
Q6600 2.4GHz - CPU.
GeForce 9800GTX+ - GPU.
Corsair TX750W - PSU.
P5N-D - Mother board.
Windows XP x64

So does anyone know any fixes to that kind of problem? i mean when i first built that system it read DVDs but when i tried to burn a DVD a few days ago nero gave me an error (when it got to 100%) and since then the dvd-ram doesn’t read DVDs >.<

Thank you.


Sorry, i did not find the EDIT button, but i would like to add this:

I went to “Nero DriveSpeed” and it shows the following:

Read speed (CD)
48x (8467 KB/s), current: 48x

Read speed (DVD)
Nothing, current:

Spin down time:
32 min, current: 32min

Now i would like to know why does it not give me an option to edit Read speed (DVD)? plz help me, thank you.



please grab a bootable DVD and try to boot your computer from that disc. (You may either need to invoke the bios boot manu or change the boot order in bios setup) If that fails, then the drive is faulty.