GH 22NS50 bundled software



I recently purchased this burner and it comes with super multi drive install disc v3.0. I think this disc comes with nero and cyberlink software. I already have nero7 essentials and cyberlink products installed from my other bundled software that came with my LG GSA-55N which stopped reading and burning properley and thats why I purchased this new one. Do I need to uninstall my old software that came with my old burner or can I install this bundle over top. Does anyone know if this bundle is more up todate than my bundle I have now?



there is no need to replace your existing software by the stuff that is on the disc of your new drive.



I know the version of nero I have is newer than the one thats on the new disc. I am interested if the cyperlink software to see if its newer and I lke the idea of the lg driver update.


Auto firmware update is not a good idea…


What about power dvd. Is it any better than the version I have now?


Insert the CD with shift keeping key pressed (in order to prevent any setup from autostart). Then browse the disc:
Navigate to x:\CDS\PDVD (x: is the letter of your drive) and open ureg.ini in Notepad.
Mine (came with my GE20NU10) reads:

SR_No=(edited out)
Hardware=CD/DVD Drive
RegVType="OEM 2CH"

Then compare with what you have.



I have looked everywhere and the only info I can find is Power Producer. Everything works with the current software I have so I think I won’t bother instaling it. Lg automatic update is really not that important. On the cyberlink site it says something about HLDS customers but I am not sure what that is.


HLDS = Hitachi-LG Digital Storage.
That’s the company that actually does all the R&D on the drives. :slight_smile: