Ggw-h20li stutter during playback



Hi all,

I have just purchased a LG GGW-H20LI Blue Ray burner and installed it in my PC.

I have had no luck in getting it to play back (with PowerDVD) any DVD or HDDVDs without massive stutter. The problem is not intermittent, but rather the player tends to freeze as it tries to playback any movie. It does the same playing back DVDs via VLC, so it all points to how the drive is set up.

The manual is rather basic and says “plug the drive in, check DEVICE MANAGER”. No other hints, tips or gotchas.

I have searched on the NET for some hint on BIOS settings for the SATA port, but could not find anything. The drive appears as working properly in DEVICE MANAGER and reads data OK. I Installed the Power DVD Hi Def suite from it.

My computer details are:

Screen: LG 50" Plasma HiDef 1080p
ASUS P5W DH DELUXE motherboard - (BIOS 2704 installed June 28)
NVIDIA GTX7950 512MB - (Latest Video driver installed June 28)
3x 320GB SATA
1x Imation IDE CDRW
PowerDVD Ultra 7 - (latest revision instllled as at June 30)
LG GGW-H20LI - installed in port labelled SATA_RAID1 (no RAID is enabled in BIOS)

Thanks for any help you can provide. I am sure I have screwed something up!


I own the P5W DH Deluxe and I have only tried a Plextor DVD burner on the SATA-RAID1 and it works fine. But different drive/firmware may not have the same result.

the SATA-RAID1 on the motherboard is JMicron chipset. You might want to update the JMicron raid controller (from Asus website) and your Windows.

I know for sure that none of my optical drives work on EZ_RAID1 and 2.

Let us know how it goes. If it doesn’t work, try on SATA1, SATA3, and SATA4.


Welcome to the forum TMSR

I will add that I also run the same MB and none of my SATA drives will work on easyraid connections.

Once I move the GGW-H20L to SATA 1 it works perfectly.


I will just add that the GTX7950 card does not support any HD acceleration (supports DVD acceleration but cannot offload H264 / VC1 decoding) so all processing will be done by your CPU but it should be able to handle the loads required but any background tasks could cause the stutter.