GGW-H20L will not recognize BR media...backup or retail

[qanda]This thread is about the LG GGW-H20L. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hello I am looking for hopefully some answers.

I bought the GGW-H20l Last august. It worked fine, it played blu-rays and I backed up the copies of my blu-rays fine.

Right now if I put a BR disc retail/backup into the drive it will not recognize any disc in it if I go into the My Computer window. It plays regulard DVDs and Audio cds fine.

At first I thought the drive was bad, so I exchanged it under wrrnty, and the brand new one I recieved today is doing the same. Can anyone shed some ideas…or let me know what new info you might need. It always worked fine before. I no longer have Power DVD or anythign installed…and I cannot find the original disc that came with it, so it could simply be a driver issue, but I cannot find the driver disc so I am kind of stuck on that point.

Also if it helps, Any DVD cannot get access to the drive either, it shows it in the status window…for example it says “True Romance” in the ANy Dvd panel…but it will not access the drive…and the disc icon in My Computer does not show True Romance (I am using that movie as an example…it gives same result with any movie)

Sorry to hear about your problem. Did you install the LG ODD firmware update software? If you have it and can run it, does it list the software version? You could try re-flashing the firmware, which might have gotten scrambled. My GGW-H20l is at YL05, which is the latest. HTH…