GGW-H20L back to GBW-H20L?

I have crossflashed my GBW-H20L to a combo drive so I could play blu-ray and hd-dvd and made it a GGW-H20L. (At least I think I have the references correct.) Can I flash it back to just the BD drive?

I’m thinking LG’s support of the combo drive being HD-DVD and all is not going to last as long as the stand alone BD drive…

All the instructions I can find are how to cross flash it to, nothing about how to cross flash it back.

The hardware of this drives are the same. The firmware differs only in support of HD-DVD reading or not.

GGW-H20L - 1st model - burns BD-R,DVD,CD; reads HD-DVD
GBW-H20L - new model - burns BD-R,DVD,CD;

Reason of the existence of GBW-H20L: no license fees about HD-DVD support.

Yes. Have found that the GBW’s firmware was never released. I had known that before but forgot. Also that LG has dropped the GBW too so my speculation while not totally outrageous is untrue.

Now the quest would be to find the YG01 firmware somewhere. Which hardly seems worth the effort.