GGC-H20L Preventing Boot

[qanda]This thread is about the LG Super Multi DVD Rewriter. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]About 6 months ago I purchased the “Super-Multi-Blu” GBC-H20L drive to go in my Media Centre PC. All has been well but recently the drive has been doing strange things.

Normally when I boot the drive flashes a couple of times (checking if there is a disc) and then the BIOS does its POST, then windows boots. Recently the Blu-Ray drive has been sitting in a “loop” of constantly flashing and making repeated “reading” sounds, but never stopping. This is keeping the screen blank (presumably as BIOS is waiting for confirmation there is no boot disc).

Removing the power to the drive the booting up works fine. I have tried setting the drive to 2nd in boot priority (it was 1st) but this makes no difference :frowning: There are no firmware updates either.

Anyone else have trouble with this drive, or any suggestions, or should I just try to return to LG?

I have the LG GGC-H20L drive (BD/DVD reader, DVD writer) with the exact same problem, but no solution.
Firmware 03.

Please post what happens for you with LG support.
I shall do the same.

Thanks, and good luck!

Hi, My drive is also the GGC-H20L, I made a typo in the post :slight_smile:

I contacted LG, explained the issue and told them that I had tried uninstalling the drive via device manager then replugging in, no difference. I told them it happens 4 out of 5 times I boot, but sometimes it boots correctly. They said it was a drive fault and gave me a huge ID number for my case and said that in the first year I needed to goto my retailer (Ebuyer for me in UK).

I submitted an RMA case with Ebuyer and quoted them the ID that LG gave me, I then had to call them for authorisation and now they have sent me an email to arrange collection. They say they will take it back, check for the fault and if they confirm it they will replace.

Just out of interest what motherboard do you use, and what BIOS version? I am using a Gigabyte 780G board with v10 BIOS.

Le tme know how you get on …

My motherboard is an ASUS P6T deluxe V1 with i7 processor.

The LG BD/DVD drive is conected to the on-board SATA connector, though a while ago I tested it (successfully) with the on-board Marvell SAS connector which is backwards compatible with SATA.

I accidentally disconnected and reconnected the SATA cable, and today I seem to have recovered from this problem. Maybe it was a coincidence, or perhaps the cable needed to be re-seated.

My manual indicates the warranty is 1 year, so it sounds from your conversation as though LG will never do any in-warranty follow-up directly.

I shall post again if it reoccurs.

Good luck!

Hi, thanks for posting, mine seems to work OK once in every 5 times I try to boot, I have to keep pressing reset until it does. It is definately the drive as I can hear it trying to read again and again. When it works it just checks for a disc once then boots.

I tried disconnecting from SATA and that solves the issue permanently. I even tried connecting do a different SATA. I was just checking to see if you had the same motherboard if it was some fault there, but I guess we can rule that out. I will post results.

Hmm, I spoke too soon - the problem reoccurred.

I contacted LG support (800)243-0000-1-5-1-3, described the issue and the representative initiated a cross ship replacement (with my credit card details as guarantee).

Just as well, as I when checked the purchase date it was 362 days ago!

I shall post again when I receive and tet replacement.

So my retailer in the UK ( received my RMA and confirmed that the drive was faulty and then initiated a replacement, but as the drive is now “old” they do not stock so are offering a similar replacement (no HD-DVD) or a complete refund …

Not sure what to do now … I have a few HD-DVDs but I guess I could ebay them …

Did you get a direct replacement?

[QUOTE=bushbrother;2457193]So my retailer in the UK ( received my RMA and confirmed that the drive was faulty and then initiated a replacement, but as the drive is now “old” they do not stock so are offering a similar replacement (no HD-DVD) or a complete refund …

Not sure what to do now … I have a few HD-DVDs but I guess I could ebay them …

Did you get a direct replacement?[/QUOTE]

I received a GBC-H20L replacement (Blu-ray read/write, no HD-DVD).
I called to make sure I would not be billed if the returned product did not match and the customer warranty support rep said no problem.

I don’t have a need for HD-DVD, so no issue for me.
Replacement drive works fine.

Good luck!

Seems like you have a nice retailer! I was told by that I could either take a full refund or buy another similar product, all of which were more expensive! So they asked me to pay the difference.

I did not want to pay them for something that was not my fault and so I asked them to give me the drive at no cost to me as it was faulty, but they stated their T&C to me which do infact say that they dont have to offer another higher priced item as they are offering me my money back.

So long story short I took the cash and ordered a plain 'ol DVD burner and pocketed the rest. I don’t have any blu-rays yet as they are quite expensive, so looks like it is ebay for my HD-DVDs …

Help me with a problem, 4 month ago I’ve bought LG GGC-H20L drive, firmeare 1.03, it is one drivein the system. Mother gigabyte GA-MA78GM-US2H rev/1.0 and HDD WD 1Tb Green. The problem is, that sometimes after 10 minutes or sometimes after 3 hours, HDD LED activity light continuously, the system hangs, don’t response on press any key. I use WXPSP3 and for 4 month nothing to add and did not change both in terms of software and HW. Sometimes when I turn on your PC and POST procedure starts GGC-H20L do not detected in the boot screen and in BIOS to. After such post without GGC-H20L Windows begins to load and again I see continuously displayed LED HDD activity and windows doen’t load to the end. I use in BIOS native ide type for drivers. Replacing sata cables, changing sata ports, power supply cables, etc. - nothing has changed, as a fresh BIOS firmware for my motherboard. What to solve a problem with LG GGC-H20L? Today I put it into another PC S-939 on Nforce4Ultra, it works about 3 hours and nothing bad happened.

Are you sure this relates to your DVD drive? Does it do the same thing if you do not have it connected? It could be a fault with your motherboard or HDD. Did you try to upgrade your BIOS?

I’m not sure on 100%, but it is concerned of LG drive. I’ve upgrade my MB BIOS last time, but it is doesn’t solve a problem. My MB is a very strange thing, some times I see in device manager -> sata controller propeties of the HDD such strange thing: self-change SATA transfer mode from gen 5 to 6. May be such strange behaviours of my MB influence on LG drive :0 I don’t know.