Gfx card: R9000 pro 64MB or Ti 4200 64MB

lookin at these 2, any suggestions.Both around same price!

Go for the GeForce4, it has better drivers, better performance and is generally faster. You will never regret this choice.

I am using the Radeon and I have to say that it is a great card and would say better then a GF4

Go for the GeForce 4
It seems to be retailing for the same price as the Radeon,but has higher performance ,better RAM (BGA on some) and faster core/memory speeds

thx guys, 1 more question: R9000 pro clock speeds are 275/275, what are Ti 4200 and does the MHz gap matter too much?

OK,just found a Radeon 8500 fo similar price, i know these are 275/275 and damn good cards, is this now the favourite of the 3 ?

Still go for the GF4. Superior support and it’s even faster at 95% of things. It’s 250/250 (Mine runs at 290/290 and is fine with no additional cooling) but still faster. The 8500 is faster than the 9000Pro but slower than the Ti. The MHz gap is less important than the technological gap.

I would definately go for GF4 because it can be overclocked nicely and much faster than the 9000. Actually, 9000 is built to compete with the GF4 MX Series.
The only ATI card that matched with the 4200 is Radeon 8500. More over, GF4 has vertex shader array. And the fact is, Detonator drivers rocks !