GForce or no GForce

My friend wants to know if its worth it to get a GForce 64 MB video card with his system. . .it is as follows:

Intel Celeron processor 366 MHz
256 MB of RAM
6.4 Gig HD
3-D Stereo, PCI, 16-bit sound
PCI Local Bus;4 MB SDRAM

Will getting GForce be good enough? He asks if it’s possible to do so if he already has an integrated video card. Thanks

One simple answer:

Not worth it.

The CPU is too low to play the games that would be worth buying a Geforce card for. Games that benefit from that kind of graphics card usually require a Pentium III processor with at least 500 MHz these days…

To answer the other question.
When you have an integrated graphics card it is still possible to have new graphics card. Sometimes there is still an AGP slot available, but usually you are stuck with a PCI slot…those cards are a little harder to get these days…

Sure, If he doesn’t have a 3D card it’s always usefull!
but If I was him I wait a little, soon the radeon 8500 and radeon 7500 will be out ( radeon 8500 will be as powerfull as a GF3 and wil only cast about 250 USD and the 7500 will be as powerfull as GF2U and will only cost about 125 USD )
In the meantime, way don’t ya wait a bit gather some more money and upgrade that CPU? an ATHLON XP is really powerfull ( say what you want but athlon XP seriously kicks pentium4 2GHZ ass for half the money :slight_smile: )

A geforce 64MB card with a Celeron 366 MHz CPU is almost like using huge truck on a small sandy road.

The bottleneck of this configuration would be the cpu for sure. A chain is as strong as its weakest link. Your graphics card is the weakest link in the current setup yes, but when you plan to use a card like that you will hardly see any improvement because the cpu will become the bottleneck.

So then you’d have to buy a new CPU as well, for a new CPU you most likely need a new motherboard too, one that supports at least 100MHz FSB. Then your current memory is not suitable for the higher FSB so you need to buy new memory as well.
You already talk about upgrading the graphics card…

Then I think you’d be better off buying a whole new PC…

You can offcourse upgrade the celly to 800+ if the motherboard supports it that is… I think a new processor is even cheaper then a new 3D card. And then you can upgrade to a decent 3d card.


I`m running on a PIII 450, 256mbs, geforce 2mx400 64mb and yet i have to find a game wich doesnt run on my system :smiley:

I’d seriously recommend buying a good videocard even if the CPU sucks!!! That is because a good videocard will take off a lot of load from CPU and eventually CPU will be more efficient!

I recently installed a 32MB Savage4Pro+ videocard on my uncle’s Pentium 120Mhz and it plays NFS3 in Direct3d Mode at 40FPS!

I agree getting a better and new video will make up some of the difference so I would get it, but for your investment I would rather upgrade my machine and go for he card better. as far as video cards is concerned you can never go Wrong with a GF, I currently have the GF3 TI 500 and it rocks. I wouldnt even bother playing a game with a 300 cel. IF you rather get the vid card then get it. Ive seen a huge diff when we took a bullshit 350 p2 and slapped a gf2 ultra in it. The games where playable just slower frame rate but made a huge difference from the intergrated crap the mobo came with.
Wait a minute 4MB sdram? BOy you better slap some ram in there and forget about the vid card LoL

Originally posted by UpTowN
Wait a minute 4MB sdram? BOy you better slap some ram in there and forget about the vid card LoL

That I found odd myself too, especially since he says (couple of lines above that) he has 256MB of RAM

So I think it is a 4MB (onboard?) PCI video card…not even AGP?

if he doesn’t have an agp slot then it won’t help that much for sure. you can get a no name tnt2 16mb pci for around $25 or $30 if you look around. that will be a big improvement over 4mb video.