GForce FX 8500 Ultra Owners Beware the SCREENSAVER!

Beware The Almighty Screensaver!!!

[i] Quoted from above URL
a simple screensaver can toast a GF FX 5800 Ultra board, causing it to reach temperatures of 95-100 degrees Celsius.

Dont know about you, but thats VERY damn hot!!

Having your card fried by 3D pipes is not cool. Hope they get a fix for it soon. Does that only apply to that board or to all Nvidia video cards?

I guess the fan does not stay on full blast during a screen saver. I think that Nvidia couldn’t keep up and they just overclocked the core like mad to keep from losing face. Didn’t work! I think Nividia should recall the video cards and go back to the drawing board. Long live ATI!

Just the New Nvidia’s…I got the 4600…it’s a champ.

Originally posted by Flying Dutchman
Does that only apply to that board or to all Nvidia video cards?

Only for the FX 8500 Ultra I believe.

… Within a few minutes the card will reach 95-100 Celsius, also causing some distortion on the screen…

yes now I can cook my eggs and bacon on it without living my room

mm so nvidia gives you central heating too, how nice of them :slight_smile:

My god you could pretty much boil water on that!!!

just another reason not to use screensavers. What a funny name, they save your screen from burning, (is this still an issue on newer monitors?) and in the process fry your vid card.

I haven’t used the screensver in over a year. I just set it to turn off monitor after 15 minutes or so, works fine. Plus it helps reduce the electric bill.

and here i’ve got the fans on, window open, its 18 celcius or so, and im warm. that explains it.